Cemetery - Latest news and reviews

West Norwood’s Victorian cemetery to be restored

One of London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries, West Norwood is to be renovated following the award of a £4.6 million grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Tickets Alert: Tours of a Crematorium

To mark the 60th anniversary of Upminster's South Essex Crematorium they will be hosting a behind-the-scenes tour of the chapel and crematorium.

Going inside the Kilmorey Mausoleum

Hidden behind a high wall, and a small locked door can be found one of the UK's finest examples of an Egyptian-style mausoleum, and it is occasionally open to the public.

A memorial to over 500 unmarked children’s graves in Tower Hamlets

Over a 50 year period, at least 500 children were buried in unmarked graves in Tower Hamlets cemetery. Now a new monument to them has been unveiled in the cemetery park.

Foggy morning in a cemetery

It's a foggy Halloween morning, so where better than to spend it wandering around a graveyard?

Unbuilt London: The Pyramid of Death

What was officially known as the Metropolitan Sepulcher, but more widely as the Pyramid of Death -- was a proposed massive pyramid built on Primrose Hill, which would have stood a staggering 950 feet high.

Body Snatchers Invade the Museum of London

In a couple of weeks time, the souls of the dead will roam the land on All Hallows Eve, but they will have to do so without the diligent assistance of the Resurrection Men, who in the early 19th century

Visiting the catacombs under Brompton Cemetery

Following my recent visit to the catacombs under South London’s West Norwood cemetery, it seemed sensible to pay a visit to their counterparts in central London yesterday when they were opened for tours as part of the annual open day.

The Victorian Catacombs of South London

In the early 19th century, the graveyards in central London were becoming not just rather full, but also a bit of a health hazard – so in the 1830s laws were passed that banned the burial of new bodies with