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The magnificently restored Roman Catholic Church of St Monica

A old Roman Catholic church was undergoing restoration when they uncovered something remarkable, and now the restoration is astonishing.

Inside Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, Maiden Lane

Just around the corner from Covent Garden is a Victorian brick building that conceals a wondrous Catholic Church interior.

London’s last surviving Catholic Embassy Chapel of Penal Times

Located on a side street near Soho can be found a modest looking building with a history seeped in riot, anti-catholic executions, and war.

Views From Two Towers in Two Cities – Both in London

Before they merged into a Metropolis, the City of London was physically distinct from the City of Westminster with fields separating the two rival powers in the land. More by coincidence than design, the two cities both ended up two

A look around St Peter’s Church in London Docks

On one of the main roads in Wapping stands what looks externally to be a fairly average Church, but like most Victorian buildings of its time, the generic municipal exterior conceals a much more interesting interior. The Church of St

450 years of Gloriana

Being bored and channel hoping last night, I alighted upon a repeat of Dr. David Starkey’s TV series, Monarchy and settled down to watch it. Incidentally, it seems that the Discovery channel, no longer satisfied with a Discovery+1 also now

St Etheldreda’s Church

A few weeks ago, I paid a visit to St Etheldreda's Church in Ely Place to take some photos, but alas - most of them were rather dire, so I went back again last weekend to try again.