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75th anniversary of the Catford school bomb

At lunchtime today, it will be 75 years to the moment when a German bomb was dropped on a South London school, killing 38 children and 6 adults.

Prefab Museum saved till 2017

A temporary museum that chronicles the soon to be terminated permanence of a temporary housing estate has itself started to ape its subjects by becoming increasingly permanent itself.

Ride a bus through a bus wash

Next Sunday marks the centenary of the Catford Bus Garage, so one day before the centenary, on the Saturday, there will be a chance to sit in a bus as it goes through a bus wash.

Prefab Museum extended until the “end of summer”

I recently told you that you had until the end of May to visit the Prefab museum in a soon to be gutted estate in South London.

Visit the Prefab Museum — while you still can

A post war relic is soon to be swept away. A hidden flatland in a sea of multi-story buildings soon to be elevated by construction. A community rent asunder by a local council.