Canary Wharf - Latest news, articles and photos

Canary Wharf - Latest news, articles and photos

15 years since the Docklands bombing

A fraction after 7pm on the 9th February 1996, the IRA ended their 17-month ceasefire with a huge explosion that ripped through the South Quays area of London’s Docklands. Today, 15 years later and a lot has changed in the

Clean up the Canary Wharf station names confusion

Anyone who makes extensive use of the Jubilee Line and DLR in the Canary Wharf area will be well aware that only tourists/visitors would ever try to switch between the Canary Wharf stations on each line, as Herron Quays on

Docklands in the Snow

Over the years since I moved into the docklands area, I have listened to people denigrating the area. Too often I am told the area lacks a “soul”, that it is full of glass and steel towers with no character

DLR Launches Photography Contest

I am writing about this not because I think the contest is noteworthy due to wondrous prizes, but for the sheer irony of the issues it raises. Over the years I have lived in the docklands area, I have on

Unusual Christmas Tree Decorations

A slightly depressing development in Christmas Tree decorations. As an aside, do we still need signs in shopping centers etc that CCTVs are in use? Considering how ubiquitous they have become,  I’d have thought most people would now automatically presume

No to the Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf Bridge

A lobby group has been pushing for a pedestrian bridge to be built linking Canary Wharf with Rotherhithe – a route currently serviced by either a ferry service or (via a short walk) the Jubilee Line. It is being reported,

Recession – what recession?

It seems that the economic downturn hasn’t quite reached the exalted atmosphere of Canary Wharf’s banking classes judging by the price of a new bottle of beer, Deus Brut Des Flanders that the local Waitrose has started selling. The label

New DLR trains at West India Quay

One of the new 3 carriage DLR trains has been shown off to the press (and nosy bloggers) today at West India Quay, so I wandered over to have a sniff around and take some photos. An arty photo of