Canary Wharf - Latest news, articles and photos

Canary Wharf - Latest news, articles and photos

A few photos from the Canary Wharf’s Elizabeth line station

Just a quick update on works at the Elizabeth line station next to Canary Wharf, where the “project eden” style inflated skin is nearing completion.

The secret ticket that only works in one tube station

On the London Underground there are a number of different sorts of tickets that you can buy, but there is one ticket that works at just one station, and you can’t buy it.

Photos – inside the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf

A third visit to the Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf to see what has changed since the last time I was there. The main difference is that the above ground shopping centre is now progressing, and the visually distinctive roof garden is now getting the larch-wood structure applied.

What lies hidden in Canary Wharf’s steel plant pots

If you travel around Canary Wharf, or some parts of the City of London, you cannot fail to notice large steel plant pots that have sprung up around buildings.

Photos – A submarine is visiting Canary Wharf

For the next few days, a very rare sight can be seen in Canary Wharf – a submarine.

The Docklands Light Railway’s Drainpipe of Doom

The Docklands Light Railway recently covered up one of their bridges in a load of scaffolding and protective wrapping – which prompted me to send them a message asking a fairly specific, but quite simple question. Will the drain be

Birds nesting at Canary Wharf

One of the aspects of London’s Docklands that has often been applauded over the years by suitably concerned organisations is the placement of floating rafts in the docks for birds to nest one. Often nothing more than a wooden raft

A new wind-sculpture in Canary Wharf

A semi-circular concrete steelĀ  arch has appeared in the middle of the green lawn by Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers with a range of steel tubes sticking out of the top. A random passer by who lacks curiosity might wander by and

Photos from inside the Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf

It may not look it from the outside, but an important part of Crossrail’s Canary Wharf station has already been completed – and five months ahead of schedule. In fact it doesn’t really look completed when you have a look

New Boris Bike stands at Canary Wharf

Just a few photos of the huge new Cycle Hire stands right outside Canary Wharf’s Jubilee Line station. Considering how many people use the area as a meeting place and sit on the high wall beside the bike stand, I

Updated photos of the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Although I did once go down underground into the station, here are a few photos I took over the weekend of the visible part of the building works, with reasonably close comparisons with previous photos I took. Difficult to get

London Underground Moquette at Canary Wharf

The main shopping centre at Canary Wharf is doing something exceptionally rare this weekend – they are admitting that men like to buy clothes. Throughout the year, the place puts on lots of shopping events for the ladies, but the

The ARC Gloria arrives in London

A few days later than originally expected, the Colombian Navy’s flagship sailing ship, the ARC Gloria has arrived in London’s docklands for a few days. Annoyingly – for this correspondent – it turns out there was a large welcoming party,

German Cruise ship tests London 2012 preparations

The German Olympic Committee wanted somewhere impressive and suitably German to use as a base during next years Olympics, so a test has been carried out to see if the cruise ship MS Deutschland could be moored in London Docklands.

30th Anniversary of the Docklands Development Corporation

Today (2nd July) marks the 30th anniversary of the formation of the LDDC – formally, the London Docklands Development Corporation, the latest in a series of attempts to do something with the abandoned wasteland of the former London Docks which

Riverside path reopens at Canary Wharf

One of the pleasures of living in the docklands area is the ability to walk along the riverside – although the council required private housing to provide a river path which is nice, but declined to make the same requirement

Photos from inside the Elizabeth line station at Canary Wharf

To mark the second year of works at the Crossrail Station in Canary Wharf,a notable Minister of the Crown , and your less notable correspondent got to go down into what is still very much a building site to have

Photos of the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf

After the visit to the mock-up of a tunnelled Crossrail station the other week, I thought I would have a closer look at the huge cavern that is the future Crossrail station in Canary Wharf. Built inside an old dock,