Canary Wharf - Latest news, articles and photos

Canary Wharf - Latest news, articles and photos

A multicoloured makeover for Crossrail Place footbridge

The airport-style footbridge at Canary Wharf connecting to the future Elizabeth line station has been given a brightly coloured makeover.

Big office development for Crossrail construction site

One of the last large empty plots of land at Canary Wharf, which was recently used to support the construction of the Crossrail station is to be finally developed into offices.

A floating swimming pool for Canary Wharf

Plans have been shown off for a swimming pool, in a barge, floating in a Canary Wharf dock.

See the Winter Lights at Canary Wharf

The annual fortnight of lighting displays is back at Canary Wharf, and hugely popular as ever. The first hint that this might be pulling in the crowds when on a normally fairly quiet weekend evening, Canary Wharf tube station looks

London’s Alleys: Dollar Bay Place, E14

This is an old alley route through the docks, with a name that’s both a WW2 legacy, and a recently built tower block.

Tickets Alert: Go on board a tall sailing ship

Short notice – sorry – but this weekend, a record breaking tall sailing ship is visiting London, and you can go on board for a look around.

Canary Wharf cycle bridge delayed due to funding shortage

Plans for a pedestrian and cyclist bridge across the Thames linking Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf have been put on hold, due to a shortage of funding.

The DLR could be extended from Bank to Euston

Canary Wharf is working on a proposal for an improved rail link between the Docklands and Euston mainline station.

A zip wire is to run from top of Canary Wharf skyscraper

For one day in June, a zip wire will be fixed to the roof of a Canary Wharf skyscraper, and a handful of people will be able to whiz down the wire to the ground.

London Public Art: The traffic light roundabout

In London’s docklands is a roundabout, and in the middle a tree, blinking and flashing away — made from a cluster of traffic lights.

London’s Pocket Parks, Jubilee Park, E14

This is a pocket park that sits right on top of a tube station, and one that very nearly didn’t exist.

Calls to extend Bakerloo line to Canary Wharf

Plans to extend the Bakerloo line down towards Lewisham could be thrown into doubt if a rival proposal to run it via Canary Wharf gets wider support.

AOP50: Images that Defined the Age

In the foyer of the a Canary Wharf skyscraper can be found a range of photos that mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Association of Photographers (AOP).

Canary Wharf’s solar powered bus shelter

It looks like an ordinary, if rather nicer than average, bus shelter, but this is in fact the UK’s first transparent glass solar powered bus shelter.

London Public Art: Man with Arms Open

An unusual work of art in that the title for the art is written in plain English and clearly describes what you are looking at, which undoubtedly, is a man with arms open.

Take a sneak peek at Canary Wharf’s new Elizabeth line station

It’s come a long way since it was raw concrete and sand, and today was a chance for the public to go in and see what their new Elizabeth line station will look like when it opens in a few months time.

Behind the hoardings tours of Canary Wharf’s Elizabeth line station

Tickets have been released for the last chance to go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf.

New exhibition tells the story of East London’s “Old Flo”

Inspired by people sheltering in the wartime Underground, donated to the people of the East End, nearly sold by a corrupt Mayor and now on display in a heartland of bankers, a new exhibition has opened telling the story of Old Flo.