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Paralympians as Olympian Gods above a Crossrail station

To mark the latest Olympic games, some of the Paralympians have been rendered into art form and are on display at the Crossrail station in Canary Wharf.

Scale model of Docklands at its Industrial Height

In a dark corner of a museum can be found a large scale model of London's docks when they were a maze of warehouses and light railways.

A second light festival for London

Next January, London is to have two light festivals, running at the same time.

Unbuilt London: A cable car across the Thames

There were once plans to build a cable car that would link the Millennium Dome with the DLR on the north side of the river. Obviously, no such cable car was ever built.

Giant model of Canary Wharf

Sitting alongside the marketing suite half-way up the main Canary Wharf can be found the estate's marketing suite, and in a side room, to show off the development, a gigantic scale model of the estate.

Canary Wharf’s 1990s model of the DLR

Sitting up high on the 30th floor of the main Canary Wharf tower is a model of the DLR that hasn't changed since the mid 1990s.

See the Bloodhound “supersonic car” at Canary Wharf

Something for anyone excited by British engineering -- as the Bloodhound Supersonic Car will be going on public display in London later this month, for just two days.

First Elizabeth line station opens to the public

Earlier today, with music and free food, Crossrail’s first railway station opened to the public.

A mighty memorial to the dead of WW1 in Canary Wharf

Somewhat hidden at the moment, around the back next to a fire exit, can be found a mighty memorial to those who died during the two great wars of the last century.

9 minutes of Canary Wharf in 1996

Some years ago, the BBC commissioned a series of short films to fill gaps in their schedules, each being 10 minutes long, including trailers, about architecture.

Footbridge for Crossrails’ Canary Wharf Station Completed

An area of Canary Wharf that has been sealed off for years has recently reopened as a long covered footbridge linking the future railway station to the famous steel clad skyscraper has been completed.

See London’s Six Swiss Railway Clocks

Precisely seventy years ago, a Swiss designer designed a Swiss clock. A Swiss clock that has gone on to become a railway icon. Apart from its design, the clock has one other unique feature in how it works.

A few photos from the Canary Wharf’s Elizabeth line station

Just a quick update on works at the Elizabeth line station next to Canary Wharf, where the "project eden" style inflated skin is nearing completion.

The secret ticket that only works in one tube station

On the London Underground there are a number of different sorts of tickets that you can buy, but there is one ticket that works at just one station, and you can't buy it.

Photos – inside the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf

A third visit to the Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf to see what has changed since the last time I was there. The main difference is that the above ground shopping centre is now progressing, and the visually distinctive roof garden is now getting the larch-wood structure applied.

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