Camden - Latest news and reviews

It’s the 200th anniversary of Mornington Crescent

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the construction of Mornington Crescent.

London’s Alleys: Argyle Walk, WC1

Sometimes you come across an alley that looks interesting, but is probably new, but turns out to be ancient.

Trial pedestrianisation of Camden High Street

Over the next couple of years, Camden High Street could be blocked to road traffic on a trial basis.

A Vagina Museum is coming to London

If they can raise enough money, then Camden could be boasting a new museum later this year — devoted to female anatomy.

London’s Pocket Parks: St Andrew’s Gardens, WC1

A ramshackle old park that looks in need of some T&C with grave stones haphazardly sinking into the ground, this is St Andrew’s Garden in Camden.

More details released about Camden tube station’s upgrade

Long running plans to upgrade Camden tube station have made a step closer to realisation with another consultation for the public to comment on.

Camden tube station upgrade moves forward

A public consultation is opening to show off plans for a major upgrade of Camden tube station.

The Camden Bench

Four years ago a new form of street furniture started to appear in London, the Camden Bench, a specially commissioned piece of amorphous concrete designed to deter anti-social behaviour.

A week of disruptions on London Over- and Under-ground

In two separate notices, London Underground has designated the first week of August for two separate but major sets of disruptions on the tube network.

TfL shows off plans for Camden Town tube station upgrade

Ten years after a previous attempt to rebuild Camden Town tube station were thrown out, London Underground is back with a new scheme.

A “tube map” for housing developments

Not far from Camden is a tube map on the wall of a housing development, showing not trains, but a timeline.

Camden to get a miniature railway

Later this month, a small miniature railway will be installed running along the top of a shop in Camden.