Cable Car - Latest news, articles and photos

Cable Car - Latest news, articles and photos

London’s cable car has lost its cables

This is an amusing oddity, but the Google satellite views of the dangleway in Greenwich has removed the cables from the cable car.

Unbuilt London: A cable car across the Thames

There were once plans to build a cable car that would link the Millennium Dome with the DLR on the north side of the river. Obviously, no such cable car was ever built.

Victorian London’s double-decked cable cars

Plans for a cable car in London are as old as Victorian inventiveness — for example, this double-decker cable car which would have run from Monument in the City over to Hyde Park Corner.

Evacuation training exercise at the Cable Car

What would happen if you were in the Cable Car sightseeing the views, or maybe even commuting, and it broke down? It’s not exactly the sort of transport system that you can get out and walk to the nearest exit.

An Edwardian Advent Calendar – 7th Dec

Each day I will unveil a new entry in my Advent calendar based on adverts printed in the Illustrated London News during the month of December exactly 100 years ago – in 1912, the Edwardian era.

Engineering London’s Cable Car – a lecture

Although London’s cable car is something that divides opinion, largely down political allegiances, it is fairly undeniably an engineering triumph, and this morning a talk was held at the Building Centre to look at this aspect of the project. The

A second cable car at Greenwich?

A warning message to ships on the Thames, that three cables are be carried across the river to link Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs in a manner very similar to that used for the Dangleway by the Millenium Dome

Last photos of the Cable Car as a Construction Site

Tomorrow lunchtime in what is bound to be a media frenzy, Boris will take a trip across the Thames in his beloved Cable Car, some of the media will love it, and some will loathe it – with their decision

Testing being carried out on the new Cable Car route

It’s been about a month since they joined the cable car pylons with the necessary cables during the early hours of a Saturday morning and a couple of weeks ago they started testing with the cable car pods. The string

North and South linked as Cable Car cables join two sides of the Thames

After a few weeks of delays, last night at around 1am, the preliminary cables were draped between the two pylons for London’s Cable Car, creating the first permanent fixed link above the river between Tower Bridge and Dartford. Not knowing

Another date announced for the Cable Car’s “cable stringing event”

After several delays, it looks like this coming weekend will finally see the ropes strung between the Cable Car pylons. They were supposed to happen each of the past three weeks, and the Port of London Authority were putting out

Tax changes for the Cable Car ticket prices

Update: a message from TfL tells me that the cable cars are rated for 10 people so the tax change doesn’t actually affect them. Must admit, having sat in one, I can only presume that’s 10 thin people, but that’s

More Photos of the Cable Car Construction

Over the past weekend, the river by North Greenwich was due to be closed to allow the cables to be strung between the tall pylons. This did not happen – and I wandered over to see why. Some test wires

Cable Car Rising

Just a few photos taken on Sunday as the Pylon for the Cable Cars continues to rise upwards. The south side pylon had a lot of activity around it, suggesting that they are preparing the concrete base for the first

Updated photos from the Cable Car construction site

As the south pylon on the Greenwich side of the river starts rising this week, a few photos of the construction site taken today. Not sure, but that looks like a cable car pod under the wraps – just white

Cables for the Cable Car to arrive next month

Update – they missed the deadline, twice. New dates amended below. — In what is bound to be a bit of a media feast, the cables for the cable car will be strung between the tall helical pylons in just

A few photos of the Cable Car under construction

A few weeks ago I watched the first stage of the pylon being erected on the north side of the Thames, and wandered back this weekend to see the impact the white needle is having on the surrounding areas. As

First Pylon for Boris’s Cable Car Installed

When finally completed, the most striking aspect of Boris’s latest folly/innovative public transport service (delete depending on political preference) will be the three tall pylons that carry the cables over the Thames. Although work on the two ground based stations