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See vintage tube trains and buses in London on Sunday

This coming Sunday, a vintage tube train will be running through central London, and out at Epping, vintage buses will travel around the countryside.

Tube style route maps coming to London buses

Later this month, two bus routes in London will get onboard digital displays that look rather like tube maps.

Historic London Bus Heads to France for Somme Anniversary

A one-hundred year old London bus will be heading to France later this month, to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Bus Shelters to display Tube disruption warnings

Bus shelters could soon start coming with emergency warnings from TfL, under plans to replace display signs at a number of locations across London.

TfL expanding “bums on bus seats” sensor trial

Last year, TfL started a trial of a technology that can tell people how many seats are available on the upper deck of a bus. It ran on just the one bus on route 141 during the trial.

TfL testing new display screens in buses

Double decker buses are starting to get intelligent. They know how many people are upstairs, and which seats they are sitting on. And soon they will start telling you.

Regent Street filled with vintage buses

Today nearly 50 buses of various vintages from exceptionally old to so young the paint was barely dry filled Regent Street for a display that felt as static as a normal rush hour, except that frustrated faces were replaced with happy smiles.

Night Bus

This is the Night Bus passing through Brixon, Bringing the drunks and the cleaners to the station, Cleaners for the rich, cleaners for the poor,

The Fraud that Killed Off London’s First Electric Buses

The news is gushing today about a new electric bus service in some place outside London (and hence insignificant), but had things turned out ever so slightly differently, the electric bus would be a normal sight on the streets of London today.

A double-decker bus doing push-ups in Islington

It’s an art thing, but quite a fun one. A red double-decker bus is doing muscular push-ups outside the Business Design Centre (map link) in Islington. The venue has been taken over by the Czech Republic’s Olympics team and they

Three heritage events along the Central Line

A terrestrial alignment of heritage took place on Saturday as I found three heritage related events taking place within a few stops of each other on the Central Line. First stop was also underground related as the Post Office’s overflow

Open House – West Ham Bus Garage

Opened at the tail end of 2008, the bus garage at West Ham claims to be the largest single bus depot in the UK – and as is increasingly common, one of the most environmentally friendly. The distinctive green roof

A trip in a very special vintage double-decker bus

Sometimes when you plan a visit to an exhibition, you get rather more than you expected. Today was such a moment, as a visit to a small – and frankly, not worth the effort – exhibition about past and future

Riding the night bus into London

While most people use the Night Bus to get home after a night out, a smaller number travel the other way, heading into work or travelling home against the usual flow of traffic. Waiting at the bus stop, ten minutes

Riding with the vintage buses

As mentioned earlier this week, today a collection of buses plied their trade around North London offering free rides to anyone after a dose of nostalgia. Although there were routemasters taking people from central London to the area, I decided