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Do Londoners dream of electric buses?

Londoners might not dream of electric buses, but this ordinary looking bus garage in Waterloo features in the dreams of people from across the world who come to visit it.

85th Anniversary of Victoria Coach Station

An art-deco icon, the imposing Victoria Coach Station marks its 85th anniversary this year, with a huge birthday party.

A chance to go inside the concrete marvel that’s Stockwell Bus Garage

Hidden away on a side street in South London can be found one of London’s post-war architectural marvels, and this Saturday will be a chance to go inside.

Camberwell bus garage open to the public this weekend

On Saturday 5 September, Camberwell Bus Garage will open its doors to members of the public in the next of a series of bus garage open days.

Bus Garage Open Days Announced

Next weekend, the first in a series of open-days will take place at Bus Garages across London. The open days follow the popularity of such events as part of last year’s Year of the Bus.

Tours inside West Ham Bus Garage

Just as this weekend offers a chance to see inside one of the post-war bus garage icons, there is a chance the following weekend to see inside a very different, yet kindred structure.

Vintage buses to run around Wembley

Another of London’s bus garages is set to let the general public inside for a look around next Saturday, and offer trips around the area in vintage buses.

100th anniversary of Merton Bus Garage

One hundred and two years ago, the London General Omnibus Company stopped using horses to draw its buses around the city, and a couple of years later, opened a brand new bus garage to cope with demand for its petrol based vehicles.

Open House – West Ham Bus Garage

Opened at the tail end of 2008, the bus garage at West Ham claims to be the largest single bus depot in the UK – and as is increasingly common, one of the most environmentally friendly. The distinctive green roof