Buckingham Palace - Latest news and reviews

Sheep and cattle grazing in Green Park this week

It's "Green Park Grazing Week" this week, which means sheep and cattle will be roaming around the Royal Park munching away to keep the grasses low.

Red Arrows to fly over London on Saturday

Look to the skies on Saturday lunchtime (8th June), as a military flypast will pass over central London, followed by the Red Arrows.

Details released for RAF’s 100th birthday flypast over Central London

A huge flypast will take place over central London on Tuesday 10th July to mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, and the flight details have now been released.

See the Royal Carriages behind Buckingham Palace

Hidden behind a rather small easy to ignore door in a high imposing wall next to Buckingham Palace can be found a large collection of regal bling.

Red Arrows to fly over London on Saturday

A large formation of military aircraft, including the Red Arrows will fly over Central London on Saturday lunchtime, for the Queen's official birthday.

Museum Meals – Buckingham Palace

I wasn't going to list venues you have to pay to go in to in order to eat, but I've been in the Palace for other reasons on several occasions, and usually stop off at the garden cafe before I leave.

See Prince Charles’s model tube station

Buckingham Palace has opened its doors again for the now-annual summer opening, and as usual has a special this-year-only exhibition inside some of the rooms.

Optical illusion Lets you “wear” the Queen’s Coronation Robes

On the 20th year of its Summer openings, Buckingham Palace has inadvertently given people the chance to appear as if they are wearing the Queen's coronation robes.

20 years ago – Queen announces public tours of Buckingham Palace

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the announcement that Buckingham Palace would open to the public during the summers.

Diamonds on Display at Buckingham Palace

Time for the now annual Summer Opening at Buckingham Palace with the state rooms in their unchanging glory, and a special display in a side room, which this year is appropriately Diamond themed. As part of the Diamond Jubilee, some

25 Military Aircraft to Fly Over London on Saturday

Details of the annual flypast to mark The Queen’s official birthday were announced a couple of days ago – and despite some concerns about their itinerary, the Red Arrows WILL be part of the flypast again this year. The flypast

Secret tube train to Buckingham Palace

As a bit of a fan of tunnels under London, I am often asked about the oft-rumoured tube tunnel that allegedly links Buckingham Palace to, depending on the rumour, Downing Street or Green Park.