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Easier access to Brunel’s Thames Tunnel shaft planned

Plans to make entry to an underground chamber in Rotherhithe moved a step closer following the unveiling of the design of the new staircase that will sit inside the space.

Walking through a Tunnel under the Thames — Part 2

A rare confluence of events lead to a remarkable opportunity this weekend as 4,000 people were able to walk through the world's first underwater tunnel.

A chance to walk through the Thames Railway Tunnel

This coming May Bank Holiday will offer an exceptionally rare opportunity to walk through Brunel's original tunnel under the Thames.

A whole week of Subterranean London events

Fancy a week (well, almost) of events about the mysteries that lurk unseen under the streets of London? Sadly, mainly limited to talking about what is down there rather than actually visiting the places, the talks will still be of

Walking though Brunel’s Tunnel under the Thames

Yesterday, along with several hundred other equally excited people during the day, I finally got a chance to walk along a bit of train tunnel – yes the infamous Brunel Thames Tunnel that had been the topic of much news

London Open House Weekend – The Thames Tunnel

Lurking not too far from where I live is a subterranean marvel that is considered to be one of the most important locations in engineering history. I am referring to the currently closed off East London Line railway – for