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Stolen Moments – Namibian music history untold (1950-80s)

There’s an exhibition on for a few weeks that’s surprisingly exciting to visit – about the lost pop music revival of Namibia.

Why a university had to say sorry to a Duke

A modern university building behind the British Museum carries a “sincere apology” to a family who don’t own the land.

Hollywood movie posters as you’ve never seen them before

An exhibition has opened of movie posters, of familiar films, but unlike any movie posters you seen before.

Get up close to the Sikh Empire at this outstanding SOAS exhibition

There’s an exceptionally good exhibition on at the moment at SOAS in the centre of London all about the Empire of the Sikhs.

Embroidered Tales and Woven Dreams

A feast of colour and decoration awaits at an exhibition of traditional embroidered textiles from the lands of the Indus, Afghanistan, the Near East and Central Asia

Astonishing exhibition of Persian Maps in London

An exhibition that will have map geeks drooling has opened in central London, with an astonishing collection of antique maps of Persia.

The hidden Japanese garden in central London

Sitting on top of a university building in central London can be found a small secluded garden, and it’s open to the public to visit.

See the Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Central London

Fire, a primordial power has long held a certain fascination for mankind. Anything from its ability to heat early caves, and later homes, and then when fire was confined into gas boilers, we still decorate our homes with candles.

Visit the Golden Temple of Amritsar – in London

A major exhibition opened a few weeks ago about the famous Golden Temple of Amritsar, probably the most famous of Sikh Gurdwara’s in India, and has been widely praised, so it was about time I went along to see if