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Puss in books in the British Library

Long before cats appeared on the internet, they appeared in books, and their comic antics are currently the topic of an exhibition at the British Library.

New exhibition shows off Captain Cook’s collections

A new exhibition is opening to mark the 250th anniversary of James Cook’s ship Endeavour setting sail to eventually discover Australia, several Pacific lands and observe the transit of Venus.

Hear 140 years of Recorded Sound at the British Library

The British Library is not just a space for silent contemplation of worthy tomes, it's also a huge collection of audio recordings, and some are now on "display".

Britain’s 100 best railway stations at the British Library

In a talk at the British Library, Simon Jenkins tells the stories behind the development, triumphs and follies of that great British institution: the railway station.

Love, law and liberty – Gay literary lives at the British Library

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality between men, and the British Library is taking a look at the literary side of gay love.

Reflecting on the Russian Revolution at the British Library

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution of 1917, and the British Library has taken the opportunity to look at how it affected people far from the palaces and centres of power.

There will be fun at the British Library with Victorian Entertainments

Roll up, roll up, be amazed and astonished, magic to astound, entertainments to delight, all the fun of the Victorian music hall and stage.

Alice in Wonderland exhibition opens at the British Library

One hundred and fifty years ago, a book was published which was to become part of the cultural consciousness. A book that few of us can recall the details, but all know the overall story.

Burning Man art comes to the British Library

A curious collection of paintings based on the concept of the Victorian "cabinet of curiosity" has been erected in the courtyard of the British Museum.

New exhibition explore animals in books

Animal Tales, a new exhibition in the British Library, asks why animals have come to play such an important role in literature for adults and children alike.

The largest exhibition about the Magna Carta ever staged

The first thing you'll learn when visiting the British Library's new Magna Carta exhibition is that the image of a bearded medieval person in armour that dominates the adverts you have seen, is not of King John.

Gothic Horror arrives at the British Library

Oh, God! Oh, Jesus Christ! Sergeant Howie's terror stricken voice, interspersed with screams from the Bride of Frankenstein is the soundtrack that greets visitors to the British Library at the moment.

Museum Meals – The British Library

Should a library be included in the museum meals I wondered as I pondered where to stop for a short snack while in the area.

Enduring War: Grief, Grit and Humour

A modest but thought provoking exhibition has opened at the British Library that looks at the letters sent and propaganda printed during World War One.

Sex, Magic and Superheroes at the British Library

The comic -- a form of story telling that is often presented in print form with exaggerated graphics. At once it can be religious, educational, subversive, childlike, or exceptionally adult in tone.