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IMG_2367 Alice in Wonderland exhibition opens at the British Library

One hundred and fifty years ago, a book was published which was to become part of the cultural consciousness. A book that few of us can recall the details, but all know the overall story.

20150816_144221 Burning Man art comes to the British Library

A curious collection of paintings based on the concept of the Victorian "cabinet of curiosity" has been erected in the courtyard of the British Museum.

The title page from the 1950 London edition of CS Lewis' The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. Copyright c CS Lewis Pte Ltd New exhibition explore animals in books

Animal Tales, a new exhibition in the British Library, asks why animals have come to play such an important role in literature for adults and children alike.

The largest exhibition about the Magna Carta ever staged

The first thing you'll learn when visiting the British Library's new Magna Carta exhibition is that the image of a bearded medieval person in armour that dominates the adverts you have seen, is not of King John.

Gothic Horror arrives at the British Library

Oh, God! Oh, Jesus Christ! Sergeant Howie's terror stricken voice, interspersed with screams from the Bride of Frankenstein is the soundtrack that greets visitors to the British Library at the moment.

Museum Meals – The British Library

Should a library be included in the museum meals I wondered as I pondered where to stop for a short snack while in the area.

Enduring War: Grief, Grit and Humour

A modest but thought provoking exhibition has opened at the British Library that looks at the letters sent and propaganda printed during World War One.

Sex, Magic and Superheroes at the British Library

The comic -- a form of story telling that is often presented in print form with exaggerated graphics. At once it can be religious, educational, subversive, childlike, or exceptionally adult in tone.

Beautiful Science: Picturing Data, Inspiring Insight at the British Library

If you like graphics or science, or graphics combined with science, then get along to the British Library as they have combined the two into an exhibition.

The Georgians are coming! The Georgians are coming!

Next year marks the 300th anniversary of the last successful invasion of the UK by the Germans, as the Elector of Hanover, George took the British Throne as the only suitable Protestant monarch available.

British Library pays homage to children’s books illustrators

While we are told that the written word should in of itself fire up the imagination, children's books still tend to come with some sort of illustration in them to assist the young reader -- and many of those illustrations go onto become classics in their own right.

secure The British Library explores the dark arts of Propaganda

A new exhibition has opened at the British Library that looks at the art and effect of Propaganda as perpetuated by governments across the world. We all know what propaganda is though - don't we?

008 Murder in the British Library

A slightly quirky display about the crime novel genre has been opened at the British Library with a total of 26 vignettes on display - one per letter of the alphabet.

SSPL_10322517_preview Visiting an archological dig behind the British Library

Behind the brick edifice of the British Library is a large plot of still derelict land which will shortly be turned over to builders for the construction of a medical research centre (with public areas!) but as usual with any

Inventors, your country needs you!

Oh dear, a time for a fisking of a press release: According to the statement: “over half of the those working in the UK’s creative industries, a staggering 52% of the 1000 people surveyed, have never had an idea for

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