Bow - Latest news, articles and photos

Bow - Latest news, articles and photos

Disused station next to the DLR to be turned into housing

A plot of land running alongside the DLR in Bow has been earmarked to provide housing under a deal between TfL and the housing association, Optivo.

The demolished Bryant & May Testimonial fountain

Opposite today’s Bow Church DLR station used to stand a much grander station, and in front was a tall Victorian memorial, erected in 1872 to celebrate a protest against a tax on matches.

The memorial stone outside George Lansbury House

A small obelisk outside an otherwise unremarkable building caught my attention the other day, and it tells us that this was once the home of a former leader of the Labour Party.

East London’s Minnie Lansbury suffragette Memorial Clock

A grand green clock hangs off the side of an otherwise unremarkable block of flats in memory of a quite remarkable woman.