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Cycle hire bikes now arriving in Brixton

Seven new docking stations are opening today, including the first to open in Brixton town centre.

Rainbow roundel appears on the tube

TfL is transforming parts of the transport network with a new rainbow design, which has been created to show support for the LGBT+ community, as part of a range of activities taking place this month.

Canadian Boris Bikes to be replaced with British Bikes

A deal has been announced that will see the current generation of Boris Bikes slowly replaced with a new lighter design, and one that is being made here in Blighty.

Boris Bike charges “simplified”

A press release announces that “paying for Barclays Cycle Hire will become even easier from 2 January”, although none of the changes make the paying bit any easier whatsoever.

Boris Bike revamp to shrink the Barclays Logo

A year ahead of Barclays ceasing to be the official sponsor of the cycle hire scheme, they are to rebrand the bikes and shrink the Barclays part of the branding.

A look around the Barclays Cycle Hire Repair Depot

Sitting outside come ran or shine, have you ever wondered where the Cycle Hire bikes go for a bit of TLC? What happens when you press that red button saying “fix me”? How they try to get bikes shifted around London to keep the docking stations balanced?

Pigeons riding Boris Bikes

Just around the corner from the Royal London Hospital in Whitechappel is a Boris Bike stand that would be otherwise unremarkable except that one half of it has been colonised by pigeons, and they have taken to the bikes with

Some Boris Bike problems

Generally speaking, I do not judge a company by the fact that something has gone wrong. That is unfair as no matter how much you spend/invest/whatever, things will still go wrong at times. It is inevitable. What I will do

The Tweed Run Returns to London

One of my favourite events to watch — and maybe one year participate in — will open for registration tomorrow lunchtime. Now it its fourth year, the Tweed Run is a mass cycle ride through central London in a more

Boris Bike Expansion – maps released at last

With less than a week to go before the Cycle Hire Scheme finally gets the switch on in Tower Hamlets, I am still waiting for a definitive map of where the cycle hire docking stations will be located. The map

New Boris Bike stands at Canary Wharf

Just a few photos of the huge new Cycle Hire stands right outside Canary Wharf’s Jubilee Line station. Considering how many people use the area as a meeting place and sit on the high wall beside the bike stand, I

Boris Bike stand maps ignoring the River Thames

The Boris Bikes are coming to the Isle of Dogs and in doing so, showing up the fallacy of using walking/cycling distance indicators that ignore the Thames. In central London, where bridges are plentiful, then the river is hardly a

How the media deal with blogger identities

I have noticed an odd discrepancy in how the traditional media deals with websites/blogs where the primary author is better known by a pseudonymous identity than by their real name. If a person is a singer or actor, they will

A Boris Bike has been seen in Toronto

When we took the Boris Bikes to Paris on the Eurostar a couple of weeks ago, Tom and I did ponder how far it would be theoretically possible to take a bike and return it within the 24 hour limit.

A Grand Day Out – Taking the Boris Bikes to Paris

What would it be like to take two cycle hire bikes from London to Paris and return in a single day?

Mayor’s Consultation Meeting – Let’s Talk Transport

This just arrived in the email, and I copy/paste it here for your information as it is the sort of thing I would put in the events guide, but you also need to pre-book tickets first. Incidentally, I am delighted

All Hail the Super Docking Station!

My RSS tracker for TfL’s press releases had an alert that the new Boris Bike stand at Waterloo Station has been completed – offering space for 126 of the blue velocipedes. Oddly, the press release was removed from the TfL