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London’s Alleys: Barbon Close, WC1

This is covered passage next to a beautifully restored Georgian house opposite Great Ormond Street hospital.

London’s Alleys: Pied Bull Yard, WC1

This concealed yard next to the British Museum looks as if it’s been here for centuries, but in fact, Pied Bull Yard is barely 40 years old, or if you prefer, several hundred years old.

London’s Pocket Parks: Bloomsbury Square

This is one of London’s larger pocket parks, and also one of its oldest, at around 360 years old — but it was only opened to the public in the 1950s.

Find Augustus Pugin’s home in central London

Just down the road from the British Museum can be found the former home of Augustus Charles Pugin and his architect son Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin – best known for decorating the Houses of Parliament.

London’s Alleys: Gower Mews, WC1

This short cul-de-sac leads off from Gower Street in central London, an area developed with upper middle-class homes, but now dominated by educational establishments.

London’s Alleys: Woburn Walk, WC1

Woburn Walk is a charming pedestrian street that is surprisingly found just opposite Euston Station.

London’s Alleys: Colonnade, WC1

Colonnade (sometimes Mews) is a narrow length of pleasing road that’s rather well hidden despite being right next to a central London tube station.

Tickets Alert: Behind the scene tours of Bloomsbury’s Principal hotel

As part of the Bloomsbury Festival, there’s a chance to take in a behind the scenes tour of the grand hotel that dominates the area, the Principal London.

London’s (narrowest) Alleys: Emerald Court, WC1

Welcome to London’s narrowest alley, and it’s not the one that most other people say is the narrowest alley in London.

The Dairy Supply Company near the British Museum

Just around the corner from the British Museum is a building with a very distinctive architecture which usually causes people to stop and stare for a moment, even if only to wonder how a Pizza Express has ended up occupying

Photos from the roof of Senate House

This is Senate House – the administrative block of the University of London – famous in part for its modernist style and the sheer bulk of the main tower. And this is the view from the top of that 19

My Top Picks from the Bloomsbury Festival 2010

Later next month is the annual Bloomsbury Festival, where they lay on a really quite considerable number of events packed into a single weekend, many of which look very appealing. Sadly, the website that accompanies the event, while looking as