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Is HP Sauce really named after the Houses of Parliament

There’s a rather famous brown condiment, HP Sauce, which features a rather famous building, coincidentally called the Houses of Parliament, but is one named after the other?

The daftest image of Big Ben you will ever see

A PR person contacted me on behalf of a money website with one of the daftest images I have seen in a long time.

Tickets Alert: Free talks about Big Ben in Parliament

A monthly free talks about Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower being held inside Parliament have been extended to run for the rest of this year.

People abseiling down Big Ben’s clock face

Something to look out for — as people will be abseiling down Big Ben’s clock face next week

How Big Ben originally got its Nickname

With the news that the Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster is to be renamed Elizabeth Tower, comes the usual speculation about how the huge bell within got its nickname of Big Ben. Curiously, this is an issue that

How the media reported that “Big Ben” is leaning

Over the weekend, the sort of story that has newspaper editors salivating cropped up – that Big Ben is leaning to one side and that the angle is now noticeable to the naked eye. Obviously, the first caveat is that

Jubilee Line tunnels under Big Ben

A few months ago, I went to a lecture on tunnelling technologies, given by Professor Robert Mair FREng FRS, and specifically on what is known as compensation grouting. Meant to write up about it at the time, but it was

The arrival of Big Ben at Westminster in 1858

I have a small hobby of collecting old copies of the Illustrated London News – a venerable newspaper which was first published n 1842. I acquired a few more copies last week and scanning through the collection this weekend, came

Climb up Big Ben – a video

A somewhat speeded up video of the climb up the Clock Tower to stand next to Big Ben when it bongs the hours. I suspect the sound of feet on the steps is not real. The video was mentioned by

The Watchmen PR Failure

Last night, I wandered along to the South Bank to see what was being touted as a fairly major PR stunt for the forthcoming Watchmen movie. The event was billed as: “Dr Manhattan, the blue skinned, super-powered being beloved of

Great Snow Storm of 2009 to be made into a movie

I’m joking – although frankly, I wouldn’t rule it out. Anyhow, enjoy this outstanding picture from the members of the b3ta photoshopping website. The Day After Today – from b3ta productions.