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The car repair shop with horses heads

A street in Bermondsey has a car repair shop with a relic of times when horsepower was measured in low digits – two horses heads on the frontage.

London’s Alleys: Ship and Mermaid Row, SE1

This vintage looking alley is probably named after the Ship and Mermaid public house which used to be at Snowsfields, and is today a curious curve around a corner, squeezed between social housing.

London’s Alleys: Maggie Blake’s Cause, SE1

This short alley near Tower Bridge is a delightful passage to the Thames, but was very nearly sealed off.

London Public Art: Dr Salter’s Daydream, SE16

This is a set of originally three, now four sculptures that were unveiled in 1991 to commemorate the work of the medical doctor, campaigner and Labour politician, Alfred Salter.

Major new London Bridge junction to open after Christmas

One of the many railway bottlenecks outside London Bridge should be removed this coming Christmas, with the commissioning of the Bermondsey Flyunder.

Remains of a disused station uncovered by Network Rail

One hundred years ago, two railway stations closed, but just recently construction works has uncovered the remains of one of them.

A look at Bermondsey’s railway dive-under construction site

While much of the focus on London Bridge’s redevelopment sticks to the station itself, one of the most complex parts of the upgrade is taking place a mile away, in Bermondsey

A refurbished railway bridge in South London

This grand colonnade might be the sort of thing you could expect adjoining an equally grand set of buildings, but is in fact a railway bridge in South London.

The remains of Duffield’s Sluice in Bermondsey

If you were to take a walk along the Thames riverside in Bermondsey, you might come across a slightly run down looking building with an imposing stone plaque on the wall indicating a great heritage. This is an office block

Ladies who designed post-war textiles – and mens handkerchiefs

Sitting in a modern building in the achingly fashionable Bermondsey Street is the Fashion and Textile museum, a small space for displays and talks, and of course, the obligatory fashionable café. A display that is currently on is devoted to