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Is BBC4 imperiled by BBC cuts?

There are rumours that BBC4 — the TV channel — could be closed down as a cost saving measure by the BBC.

Brown Bread vs White Bread

I don’t like white bread. Never have and probably never will. It is bland, tasteless, lacking in texture and utterly devoid of any nutritional value. I love brown bread. Always have and probably always will. It is packed full of

The Man Behind the Masquerade

Last night was a very special moment for me, as I was reminded of the years of frustrated delight I endured as a young teenager. Unlike some teenagers who were frustrated by more biological concerns, mine was a slender book

Science programming on Television

Last night I settled down to watch what was once my favourite TV show, and is still tolerable – the science series, Horizon. Like much TV on the “main channels” though, it has dumbed down a lot over the past