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A room full of BBC Microcomputers comes to East London

For people of a certain age, there are few more nostalgia boosting views than a room full of flat beige boxes, each with a small dot matrix owl on the top corner.

A forgotten railway… the line that starts nowhere and goes nowhere

A wonderful 5 minute video has been dug up by the BBC archives of the North London line when it used to run from Richmond to the now demolish Broad Street Station.

Gadgets Galore at the BBC TV studio auction

The BBC Television Centre is auctioning off a load of its former equipment now that it is no longer used for broadcasting, and out of the more than two-thousand objects for sale, some are.. interesting.

BBC archive of old London programmes

It's a boring Bank Holiday, so what better than to watch a load of old BBC programmes about London's buses, buildings and tube tunnels?

The tube train that travels through time and space

A couple of decades ago, there was a children’s TV show which is often considered to be a precursor of the Crystal Maze in that it featured a few people trying to solve a series of puzzles. The celebrities would

Hurrah for Horizon as science returns to BBC2

Over the past couple of years I have lamented the slow death of decent science on BBC2 – specifically how the once flagship Horizon show had slowly reduced down to a celeb driven “voyage of discovery” or “we’re all going

Analogue Clocks on Digital Websites

Like most industries, the web design industry is affected by fashions and trends. As soon as one website tries something and coincidentally happens to be successful, people instantly presume the design was the key factor and update their websites accordingly.

BBC’s Blogworld – The Best International Blogs

My attention has been drawn to a newish feature on the BBC website that aims to review blogs from around the world “for a special BBC season about the power of the internet”. …well, at least they will until the

David Dimbleby’s Seven Ages of Britain

There is a bit of a rant by John Dugdale over at The Guardian complaining about an increasing trend for semi-serious TV shows being fronted by a (diminishing) pool of respected and serious news journalists. Situations such as Jeremy Paxman


After Nick Griffin’s comments on the BBC’s Question Time about homosexuals being creepy, I thought I’d play around with the iconic “hope” poster used during the US Presidential Elections. Fortunately, there is a website that – with a bit of

I’m not watching the Last Night of the Proms

After thinking about it in some depth, I have decided not to watch the Last Night of the Proms this evening when it is broadcast on the BBC. Ordinarily, I try to arrange my evening around being available for the

What a mistake-a to make-a!

Is it the silly season already? I ask as a LibDem councillor has been suspended for going to a fancy dress party dressed up as a Nazi officer – causing cries of outrage from the generic “cries of outrage” lobby.

BBC News website crashed

A rarity – the BBC News website has crashed, and is delivering a blank page saying just “No suitable nodes are available to serve your request.” Quite rare for them to go down like this – and they even have

A walk through the (closed) Monsal Trail tunnels

Following a load of publicity after a recent BBC series of country walks along disused railways, there will be two opportunities to walk the Monsal Trail in the Peak District – and go though the normally closed tunnels which the

Get the latest weather, every half hour on BBC News

Just turned over to BBC News 24 (or whatever they are calling it now) and there was one of those mini ads they run to promote themselves – and this one had the verbal strap-line of “Get the latest weather,