Barts Hospital - Latest news and reviews

See inside St Bartholomew-the-Less church

Just around the corner from the grand and impressive St Bartholomew-the-Great church is its smaller cousin, the Less.

Pay a visit to St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum

Easy to walk past without noticing, but under the old gatehouse to Barts Hospital is a museum to its 900 odd years of history.

London’s Alleys: Bartholomew Passage, EC1

This is a short alleyway that runs behind St-Bartholomew-the-Great Church, and in front of a very modern Livery Hall.

Tickets Alert: Rare open day at a Pathology Museum

It doesn't happen very often, and usually just for special events, but the Victorian Pathology Museum at St Barts Hospital is having an open day.

Dine upon the Danse Macabre at Barts Hospital this weekend

Barts Hospital in Smithfield has two museums, one which is open to the public most days, and another hidden away which is rarely open the public. Except this weekend – when Bart’s Pathology Museum, a Victorian delight of jars and

The Museum at the Royal London Hospital

For medical reasons, I am required to visit a hospital for prodding and poking every few months, and the clinic I visit was recently moved from Barts in the City to the Royal London Hospital in the distinctly non-regal Whitechapel.

Back to Barts

It’s been four years since I quite literally staggered out of Barts hospital on walking sticks, having spent a month there recovering  from an uncomfortably close dalliance with Death. Annoyingly I am still not absolutely back to where I was