Barbican - Latest news, articles and photos

Barbican - Latest news, articles and photos

Where the Shadows are so Deep at The Barbican

A curved expanse drifting into darkness and miniature illuminations are interspersed with red flowers dripping blood.

Skyscraper made from wood for the Barbican?

A concept has been shown off which could see that bastion of concrete brutalism invaded by natural materials — in the form of a wooden skyscraper more than twice the height of the current buildings.

The Barbican: Building a Landmark

Imagine being told to cast vast slabs of concrete, then told to manually grind away the surface, and do that to an entire housing estate. That is how the Barbican got its distinctive look. A series of displays in the

Baffling canoe art in the Barbican

There is a canoe being dragged around an empty room at the Barbican, because that’s what art does these days.

Visit the Barbican’s garden conservatory

Although as much loved as loathed for its expansive use of brutalist concrete, the Barbican is a surprisingly green place, with lots of open spaces and gardens.

Photos – The railway tunnels underneath Smithfield Meat Market

People using Farringdon tube and Thameslink stations will not be unaware that a considerable amount of construction work has been taking place over the past few years, and may know that a lot of work is going to carry on

Were London’s Streets Once Paved with Gold?

I am sure you’ll be familiar with the claim that Dick Whittington was lured to London by rumours that the streets were paved with gold, but like most fables there just might be the slightest hint of truth in the

Frobisher Crescent at The Barbican

Thanks to an invite from the chaps (and chapesses) over at the Londonist, I found myself lurking around the entrance to The Barbican Centre this morning – waiting for a chance to have a look at the first significant redevelopment