Barbican - Latest news, articles and photos

Barbican - Latest news, articles and photos

London’s Pocket Parks: Moor Lane Community Garden, EC2

A pocket park worthy of the name has appeared next to the Barbican and is a few pot plants in a few concrete pots.

Michael Clark’s dance retrospective at the Barbican

One of those people who rather exploded into the cultural scene in the 1980s, vanished in the 90s and has now embedded as an icon of dance has filled the huge art gallery space at the Barbican.

Toyin Ojih Odutola: A Countervailing Theory

A decade ago, mysterious drawings were uncovered on black shale sheets in Nigeria, and after studying them, life-size scans have gone on display in the Barbican.

London’s Pocket Parks: Fortune Street Park, EC1

This is a busy pocket park that sits just to the north of the Barbican, with wide-open space, a children’s space, and a coffee shop.

Review: Masculinities at the Barbican

If as a famous book once claimed, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, is masculinity from the Barbican?

Barbican conservatory starts weekday openings

If you didn’t know it was there, it can be a surprise to learn that London’s second-largest glasshouse is in the Barbican centre.

Find the Dorothy Annan murals in the Barbican

It looks like it’s been there since the Barbican was built, but this long row of 1960s ceramic art only arrived at the Barbican in 2013.

London’s Alleys: Braidwood Passage, EC1

This is a narrow dark modern-looking alley that provides the only gap in a wall that gives access to the warren of streets behind a long row of unremitting office blocks.

London’s Alleys: East Passage, EC1

This alley is a result of the dissolution of the Monasteries, as it sits within the lands owned by St Bartholomew’s Priory.

Spend 20 minutes in the 1960s with the Barbican

A short film about the changing London landscape is a delightful 20 minutes slipping back in time to when men wore top hats and builders didn’t wear hard hats.

London’s Alleys: Half Moon Court, EC1

When the area in this part of London was occupied by St Bartholomew’s priory, there was a large garden on the south of their estate, and this alley pretty much follows the line of that long lost garden boundary.

See Tangerine Dream at the Barbican

The Barbican’s music library is currently home to an exhibition about the pioneering German electronic music group, Tangerine Dream.

Tangerine Dream coming to the Barbican next year

An exhibition about the legendary German electronica band, Tangerine Dream will be opening at the Barbican in the New Year

The medieval St Giles Cripplegate inside Barbican

Surround by the modern Barbican estate, this old church is one of the few within the City of London that are medieval in nature, having survived the Great Fire of London and WW2 bombs.

London’s Alleys: Crescent Row, EC1

This is a curving narrow lane that runs behind rows of houses and offices just to the north of the Barbican estate.

Find Mendelssohn’s tree stump in the Barbican

In the Barbican is a most curious relic, a stump of a tree which is it claimed, may have regularly shaded the composer Felix Mendelssohn during his frequent visits to where the tree stood.

Barbican’s conservatory is now open on Saturdays

Wrapping around a tall tower in the Barbican is a large glass conservatory, which often surprises people to learn is, after Kew Gardens, the second largest in London.

Tickets Alert: Manga on the Big Screen

This summer, there will be a season of Manga films shown on the Barbican’s big screens.