Bank Station - Latest news and reviews

City of London mulls making Bank traffic ban permanent

Safety improvements at the road junction outside Bank tube station have reportedly seen casualties reduced by 52% since they were implemented last year.

Photos from the disused tunnels now helping the Bank tube station upgrade

Deep under the City of London lies its oldest deep level tube station, in use for less than a decade before it closed in 1900, now it's about to get a new lease of life.

London Public Art: Statue of James Greathead

This may look like a typical bit of military history on a plinth, as seen in many places around London, but in fact it's London Underground heritage being celebrated here.

A billion quid groundscraper reveals a lost roman road

The largest stone building in the City of London for over a century has had its building site protective covers removed, and revealed an awful lot of glass and bronze.

DLR tunnel to Bank station is being extended

The DLR tunnel to Bank tube station is getting longer -- not because of tunneling work, but because of a new housing development.

Oldest reference to Roman London found in new tube station entrance

A number of Roman tablets found while excavating a new tube station entrance have been shown to contain the oldest known reference to the city of London, as well as a wealth of information about the Roman occupation of the city.

Bank tube station upgrade gets final approval

The upgrade, which will cost £563 million will see the capacity of the tube station increased by 40%, and two news travolators added to speed transfers between the Central and Northern lines.

Bank tube station upgrade — consultation opens

The last of three public consultations is opening for comment about the plans to upgrade the Bank tube station complex.

The crazy plan to divert the Bakerloo Line to Bank Station

There has been a rumour, a dark legend of lore and myth that one day in some heavenly future, the Bakerloo Line will be extended south of Elephant and Castle.

How a tube station gets its fresh air though an old toilet

If you've ever noticed an odd smell in the DLR at Bank station would it perhaps surprise you to learn that the deep tunnels are ventilated through an old toilet?

3D Model of Bank tube station and the 2020 Upgrade plans

If you head into a certain Church in the City, you can see catnip for any tube fan -- a 3D model of the future Bank/Monument tube station as it will be in around 2020.

Exhibition about the Bank tube station upgrade

Just a notice that there will be a public exhibition next week showing off the latest plans to upgrade the overcrowded Bank tube station.

Roman remains found by new entrance to Bank Tube Station

A huge construction site near Bank Tube station is preparing the way for a new tube station entrance to be built -- oh, and a very large office block, oh, and it sits in a major archaeological location.

An unusual train movement on the London Underground

Earlier this morning, something happened that hasn’t been seen for over 65 years – a tube train left Waterloo and arrived at Bank, carrying passengers. Yes, to help cope with the deluge of passengers for the Olympics, the Waterloo and

A 3D model of Bank Tube Station – and a look at the upgrade plans

If planning permission is granted, then six years of building and tunnelling works will start at Bank tube station from 2015 to fix the notorious bottleneck at the Northern Line. To explain this mammoth task, TfL announced earlier this week