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325 object to mark 325 years of the Bank of England

The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street is of the sort of age that you should never mention about a lady, but she’s dug out an object for every year of her life.

Unseen drawings commissioned by the Bank of England go on display

In 1957, the Bank of England opened a new printing press in Debden on the edge of London, and a series of drawings of the people working in the building have gone on display for the first time.

Go inside the Bank of England’s Tivoli Corner

One of the delights of London is that you can walk past something loads of times, then suddenly discover something interesting about it.

Bank of England revamps its Banknote Exhibition

A sizable museum sits inside the Bank of England, and they have recently refurbished a small corner to show off the history of the bank note.

Gold display opens at the Bank of England’s museum

The Bank of England’s museum has had a bit of a refurb recently, with a new small permanent gallery added devoted to that most iconic of banking stores — gold.

The Huguenot Legacy at the Bank of England

It is the legacy of these better positioned sorts that can be most surprisingly found in that most British of institutions – the Bank of England. In fact, the first Governor of the Bank of England, Sir John Houblon, and several of its Directors, were of Huguenot origin.

Scottish Bank Notes in England

A Scottish MP has launched a private members bill in the UK Parliament to force English retailers to take Scottish bank notes. He claims that too many English shops question the Scottish notes when they are presented, and that annoys

The One Million Pound Note

For the average person, the largest denomination UK bank note that we would see is the £50 note – and even that is moderatly rare with the £20 being the normal largest note in day-2-day usage. However, little known about