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England’s 17th century attempt to reach the moon

It was a time of the death of kings, and a 17th century Englishman proposed a space programme with the ambition of reaching the moon.

Poyekhali! Yuri Gagarin photo display at the Royal Albert Hall

For the next few months, there will be a modest display of photos from the archive of the Russian news agency, RIA Novosti featuring unseen images of Yuri Gagarin and his life –  from his birth (not literally!) until his

Last Chance to Visit Hampstead Observatory

…until September. Hampstead Observatory, the 100-year old telescope observatory in North London is open to the general public for free during the winter months – but has to close for summer due to the annoyance of a lack of darkness

See the Space Station in the morning

A potentially interesting way to start the first working day of the new year – get up really early on Friday morning and you might be able to see the International Space Station fly overhead – albeit at a very

Watch a Lunar Eclipse next week

One for your calendars – as next week will be host to the only total lunar eclipse of the year, and there wont be another total eclipse until 2010. The moon turns a bloody red as it passes into the