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Huge ceiling mural shown off at Sudbury Town tube station

A permanent artwork has been unveiled inside the waiting rooms at Sudbury Town tube station, featuring restyled maps of the surrounding areas, highlighting local landmarks from the past and present.

Westminster tube station adds a splash of Africa to its roundels

Fresh from promoting a national newspaper, Westminster tube station’s roundels have been given an artist makeover — with an African theme.

London Underground unveils a Johnston font memorial

A memorial to the genius who designed London Underground’s famous font just over a century ago has been unveiled.

Hear music performed inside a London Underground tunnel

For a few days at StudioRCA you can hear the recording of a performance that took place in the new tunnels that run below Nine Elms as part of the Northern line extension.

London Underground has covered a tube station with fried eggs

The disused platform at Gloucester Road tube station has been covered in giant fried eggs — because, art.

Computer game style art display coming to Gloucester Road tube station

The disused platform at Gloucester Road Underground station is set to get a major new art exhibition, with the first public commission by the British artist Heather Phillipson.

A decade of roundels in Stanmore tube station

A decade ago, in 2008, posters lining the staircase at Stanmore tube station were replaced with art. And it’s still there.

Limited edition Oyster card holders giveaway

On Monday morning, there will be a chance to get a limited-edition Oyster card holder, with the cover designed by the artist, Marc Camille Chaimowicz.

New tube map artwork shown off

For the 26th edition of the pocket Tube map, Art on the Underground has commissioned Dutch artist Lily van der Stokker to create a new artwork – her first public commission in the UK.

A new cover for the tube map is released

London Underground is releasing a new tube map, and for it’s 25 edition with an art cover, they have commissioned London-based, British artist Gillian Carnegie to create the new design

Free London Underground art will be handed out

Tomorrow (22nd Nov), if you are at a select number of tube stations, you might leave with a printed piece of artwork,

High speed video shows tube driver’s view of the Victoria Line

Brixton based artist Zineb Sedira has created a series of films and large-scale photographs that will be displayed at King’s Cross St Pancras, Euston, Highbury & Islington and Brixton later this month.

New tube map released — and tube art tours announced

A new tube map has been released showing of the London Underground’s art installations, and this coming Sunday, there is a chance to tour of some of those artworks.

1960s style spy movie art on the Victoria Line

Starting from next Monday, Victoria line stations will be showing video clips in a 1960s spy movie style as part of the Art on the Underground.