Army - Latest news, articles and photos

Army - Latest news, articles and photos

Gunfire and explosions near Old Street on Tuesday

The weather forecast is good, so what could be a better way to spend a Tuesday evening than sipping a cup of Pimms while watching a demonstration of military prowess on a cricket ground?

Visiting the Household Cavalry Museum

While most museums and tourist hotspots are rubbing their hands with glee at the potential for tens of thousands of new visitors during the Olympics this summer, there is one museum that will lose out of on this financial bonanza.

Open Day at the Army’s training Academy at Sandhurst

Not in London, but close enough to peek my interest at least, and looks interesting in several areas… the Army’s Officer training academy in Sandhurt is having an open day next month – and conveniently on a Sunday. Not just

The Horrid Murder of His Majestie, King Charles I

This morning, roughly 500 members of the King’s Army of the English Civil War Society marched through Whitehall – in the footsteps of King Charles I in commemoration of ‘His Majestie’s Horrid Murder’ at the hands of the Parliament in

The Village inside a Military Firing Range

Last night I popped along to a lecture on Brutalism and Militarised Space hosted by the Art and Architecture organisation. The event was based around three speakers followed by a short Q&A session and was a mixture of talking about

The Honourable Artillery Company

Last night I spent a very comfortable couple of hours over at the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) in the heart of the City of London for an open evening. It was ostensibly to try and persuade people that signing up