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The mystery and wonder of the Havering Hoard

Finishing up for the day at a small dig site on a Friday afternoon in the summer of 2018 a young archaeologist spotted something — and in doing so cancelled any weekend plans his colleagues had arranged.

Archeologists discover pottery from London’s earliest farmers

One of the most significant discoveries of Early Neolithic pottery ever uncovered in London has now been proven to be 5,500 years old

Crossrail archaeology reveals the bleak fortunes of 16th-18th century Londoners

The bleak fortunes of poor and migrant communities living in London up to 450 years ago have been revealed by the analysis of thousands of skeletons unearthed by MOLA archaeologists during construction of the Elizabeth line station at Liverpool Street.

See the human skulls dug up by Crossrail

Although most of Crossrail lies deep below any previous human habitation, to get down there, some of their buildings and shafts have punched through the “archaeological layer”, and some of the findings have been put on display.

Roman remains found by new entrance to Bank Tube Station

A huge construction site near Bank Tube station is preparing the way for a new tube station entrance to be built — oh, and a very large office block, oh, and it sits in a major archaeological location.

Roman remains excavated just behind the Bank of England

Rebuilding of a city office block just behind the Bank of England has opened up an opportunity for the Museum of London to unpack their trowels and tape measures and have a look at what lies beneath. And on Saturday