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A chat with the Top Man at Transport for London

An offer of a whole hour with Peter Hendy, Commissioner of TfL is not something that happens that often, so the offer of a “bloggers briefing” was quite an opportunity. As such, three of London’s scribes found themselves in a

The RMT – Comic by nature, Comic Sans by letter?

A copy of an (allegedly) genuine letter from the RMT union to its more sensible counterpart at Aslef made me do a double-take. Not for the weird polemic written which I read later, but for the instant question as to

Tube Station sponsorship could be valuable

Some months ago, I noted an advert in The Economist calling for companies to sponsor the stations on Dubai’s new metro railway. As Annie Mole noted last December, the London Underground is also considering lifting its ban on station sponsorship

London’s Tube After Midnight

For your enjoyment, some nice photos taken by Time Magazine of the London underground night time workers – and the work they do.,29307,1870615,00.html The Londonist and Annie Mole went down one evening and wrote about the night-time activities, which

Poster exhibition at the Transport Museum

Last night I (and friend) had tickets to attend the opening evening of the Transport Museum’s latest exhibition – a history of posters on the London Underground. It turns out that London Underground was probably the first transport network to