Aldgate - Latest news and reviews

Revealing a lost Elizabethan theatre in East London

A shabby old 1960s office block and car park has been recently cleared away to reveal the remains of one of London's earliest and little known theatres that dates from Elizabethan times.

Restoration of the Aldgate water pump

A notorious water pump at Aldgate was once praised for its clean clear water yet killed hundreds of Londoners - is currently being restored.

London’s Alleys: Magdalen Passage, E1

A narrow open passageway that creates a convenient cross passage in the middle of two otherwise long unremitting roads.

London’s Alleys: Blue Boar Alley, E1

This is a relatively new addition to the streets of London, being a result of post-war clearance, and some recent upgrades.

Open-air display of Victorian photos from 1840s London

London's newest pocket park has a display of some of it's oldest photos at the moment.

London’s Pocket Parks: Aldgate Square, EC3

London's newest Pocket Park opened a couple of weeks ago, replacing an ugly road junction that was a legacy of 1960s thinking.

The Aldgate Pump Epidemic

A water pump on the edge of the City of London that was praised for its clean clear water, that killed hundreds of Londoners.

London’s Alleys – Little Somerset Street, E1

This is a seemingly rather uninteresting passage, but is one that's steeped in a bloody history.

London’s Alleys – Whitechurch Passage, E1

This is a short alley with a curious habit of changing its name, having had at least three in its recorded existence.

East London office gets its own private tube train

An office block with an entrance next to Aldgate East tube station has installed its own private tube train — as a waiting room.

The final day of the 50-year old Met Line trains

Yesterday, the last of the 50-year old Metropolitan Line trains made its final public trips along the railways, and like an awful lot of people, I took a short trip to say farewell to the old timer. I was going