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Why I am willing to pay to read the news online – sometimes

There has been much gnashing of teeth over the news that the Times Newspaper is to start charging for access to its website in a couple of months time. The news (hur!) is not that unexpected as the parent company

Tanks can’t run on toasters

Due to metal shortages for the war effort during World War Two, GEC ran this advert in the Illustrated London News reminding people why the modern “electric toaster” was no longer available. But worry not – for once the war

Tube Station sponsorship could be valuable

Some months ago, I noted an advert in The Economist calling for companies to sponsor the stations on Dubai’s new metro railway. As Annie Mole noted last December, the London Underground is also considering lifting its ban on station sponsorship

Weird online advertising

Online advertising can sometimes throw up oddities, especially when an advert appears next to a news article which is disparaging about the product – or similar such hilarity. With the rise of contextual advertising though, where the contents of the

New recycling bins in the City of London

This crossed my desk this morning and looked interesting – a company which builds recycling bins for use on streets has won a 15 year contract from the City of London to set up 100 bins across the city, for

Flickr and Orwell’s 1984

Chatting on another website about the clunky brand name given to the “International Day Against Homophobia”, which does not trip off the tongue that easily – and its hideous abbreviation, IDAHO. Anyhow, I was reminded of the George Orwell novel