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Housing development planned for London Transport Museum’s Acton depot

The Acton depot which houses the bulk of the London Transport Museum’s collection could need to be rebuilt if plans to redevelop the site for housing go ahead.

Tickets Alert: Open Weekend at a railway depot

For one weekend this April, London Transport Museum’s Depot in Acton, west London, will open its doors, giving you the chance to explore its huge collection of transport heritage.

Tickets Alert: Open Day at the Transport Museum overflow depot

A huge shed packed full of old tube trains, buses, trams, and floors of railway ephemera, this is the Acton depot used by the London Transport Museum to store everything that wont fit into the museum.

Spring open weekend at the Transport Museum’s overflow depot

Details of this spring’s opening of the Transport Museum’s Acton depot have been announced, giving people a chance to go into the overflow site which is only open three a year.

The project restoring London Underground’s Art-Deco era trains

A train that hasn’t moved for nearly 50 years could be about to make a dramatic return to the London Underground — the Q-Stock is returning.

Photos from the Transport Museum’s Acton Depot open weekend

This weekend is a chance to go inside the Transport Museum’s overflow depot at Acton Town, where they store all the goodies that would never be able to fit into their Covent Garden base.

Tickets Alert: Transport Museum depot open weekend

Later this month there will be an occasional open weekend at the Transport Museum’s overflow depot at Acton.

A look at Crossrail’s critical Acton dive under

Not far from Paddington can be found a small, but surprisingly important part of the Crossrail project.

Fancy a trip to Acton this weekend?

This weekend will mark the occasional opening of the Transport Museum’s overflow warehouse out in darkest Acton, and if you haven’t been, then it is worth a trip. To the depot that is, not Acton. Basically a former train shed

London’s Transport Museum gains a “Royal Train”

According to this week’s issue of The Railway Herald, the London Transport Museum has gained a mundane, yet also quite special tube train to add to its collection at the Acton Depot. The train is a bulk-standard 1967 stock train

Friday evening trip on the 1938 tube train?

Another outing for the iconic restored 1938 tube train – this time on a Friday evening along the District line. This weekend (29th/30th Aug) the Upminster depot is open to the public for its 50th anniversary, and the 1938 train

Scavenger Hunting @ the Acton Depot

Yesterday was one of the periodic opening at the Acton Depot, which holds tons of kit that can’t be fitted into the Transport Museum’s Covent Garden venue.  This weekend was themed around miniatures, so the place was also manned by

London Transport Museum’s Open Weekend

Just a tip – if heading over to the periodic open weekend at the Acton Depot this weekend, you would be strongly advised to try and get tickets from the Covent Garden museum before heading over to Acton as the

English Tea and a Farmers Market

This morning I wandered over to Chelsea Town Hall as they have a vintage fashion fair there every few months, but more interestingly – also have a tea room which serves proper English tea and scones (or sandwiches), and a

London Transport Museum – Acton Depot

Went off the to the Transport Museum this morning – not the one in Covent Garden, but the reserve store at Acton Town. Met up with a fellow transport geek and we went in, and thanks to a warning from

Transport for London excel in stupidity this weekend

Transport for London has just made one of the most insane decisions known to mankind. Even by their standards, this takes some beating. Checking the weekend engineering works email I get every Wednesday, I spy something which makes me worry.