28 Days Later - Latest news, articles and photos

28 Days Later - Latest news, articles and photos

Deserted London on Christmas Day

Another Christmas morning spent cycling around central London devoid of workers, and for an hour or so, mostly devoid of tourists.

Photos of empty London on Christmas Morning

Taking photos of a deserted city is almost a tradition for me, and one I had almost not intended to partake in this year, but the temptation proved too alluring.

Photos of the empty M4 Motorway

While I am sure motorists curse and the road maintenance people are none too pleased either, a closed motorway is an exciting opportunity to add to my collection of “abandoned London” genre of photos. There is a tube line that

Photos of an Empty London on Christmas Morning

For the third — and judging by my track record of being ill at Xmas — the last time, I got up early and walked into central London to hire a bike and cycle around taking photos of the city

Even More Photos of a Deserted London

Two years ago I cycled around London on Christmas morning taking photos of a city that was, thanks to the lack of public transport and everything being closed – was itself totally deserted of people. I was somewhat surprised at

Abandoned London

A couple of years ago I had the idea that it might be fun to take photos of London without humans – yes, I was motivated by that scene in Westminster from 28 Days Later. Unfortunately, not being a film