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Isle of Wight tube train secured for preservation in London

The group working to return one of the old 1938 era tube trains from the Isle of Wight to London says that it has been given one of the trains.

London Underground’s yellow tube train

An old 1938 era tube train pulls into a tube station, and rather than being the classic red – the whole train is bright yellow. It wasn’t popular as passengers flee in panic from this yellow terror.

Support the campaign to bring a vintage tube train to Epping

As the old 1938 era tube trains are coming to the end of their extended life on the Isle of Wight, a campaign has been launched to return one to London.

Isle of Wight tube trains could return to London

It’s been confirmed that one of the Isle of Wight tube trains could make a return to London in the near future.

Take a trip in a vintage tube train to Heathrow airport

The London Underground’s 1938 era art-deco tube train will be making one of its occasional outings in April.

Isle of Wight to retire its 1938 era London Underground trains

The Isle of Wight’s famous use of old London Underground trains is about to end one era and start a new, as its fleet of 1938 era tube trains are finally being retired.

Tickets Alert: More rides on the 1938 art-deco tube train

On Sunday 19th May, the London Transport Museum will be operating more trips with the 1938 tube stock train – this time on the Piccadilly Line.

See a vintage tube train on the London Underground this Sunday

The venerable 1938 era little red tube train will be passing through Central London on Sunday in an increasingly rare visit.

Tickets Alert: Another chance to ride in the 1938 art deco tube train

Following the weekend’s trip by the 1938 tube train through central London, it will be out again next month in another part of the Underground.

Taking a trip on the 1938 tube train on the Underground

Earlier today a very old train took a very rare trip through central London for what will be one of the last times it can make such a journey.

See vintage tube trains and buses in London on Sunday

This coming Sunday, a vintage tube train will be running through central London, and out at Epping, vintage buses will travel around the countryside.

Tickets Alert: Trip in an art deco tube train through central London

One of the last few chances to do this — as a 1938 tube train will trundle though central London next month, and you can be on board.

Art-Deco tube train returns to the London Underground

After an absence of a few years, this September offers a chance to ride in the delightful little 1938 era tube train.

Tickets Alert: Vintage trains return to the London Underground

A host of vintage tube and steam trains are set to return to the London Underground’s Metropolitan line in September for a weekend event.

Vintage Tube Train Trip Along the Piccadilly Line

The Transport Museum is running another of their occasional vintage tube train trips next month, and managed to secure access down to Heathrow Airport again.

Rare chance to ride a vintage tube train around the Kennington Loop

A rare chance for tube-geeks to ride on a bit of the network that is not normally open to the public — and to do so in a vintage tube train no less.

London Underground to run a Steam Train again in May

There are some chanced to take trips on a vintage tube train and a steam train next month, and tickets go on sale today for trips on a steam train.

Vintage tube train to run on the Underground next month

The Transport Museum’s two working vintage trains are to be out on the network next month and will be offering rides between Harrow-on-the-Hill and Amersham, along with the Museum’s iconic Routemaster RM1, making journeys between Amersham town centre and train