Submit your Events to the Calendar

I encourage event organisers and venues to submit their event direct to the calendar – subject to moderation by myself.

Important – if this is the first time you have submitted an event, please read the help text below (it’s lengthy, but worth it).

To submit an event – click here.

Any questions – send me an email – [email protected]

What sort of events will be listed

The calendar will try to focus on the heritage open-days, lectures, conferences and other “pursuits” which are so often overlooked by the mainstream press. I wont – in general – list events on music, theatre, cinema and the like. There are much better music listings magazines around for those.

Some exceptions will occur – such as maybe some notable B&W movies or films shown in unusual venues. Music wise, a concert featuring Jacobean instruments might be listed as it is historically unusual, while a Mozart concert is highly unlikely to be listed – and a U2 concert definitely won’t be listed.

I am also unlikely to list events costing above around £25. It’s not an absolute rule as some more expensive events do tick the “awesome” box and my readers will be interested in them. Anything above £50 just won’t get considered – sorry.

Have a browse through the calendar to get a feel for the sorts of things which do get listed – or read the introduction when I launched the calendar.

How to add an address for multiple events at the same venue

If you want to add several events which are occurring at the same venue/address, then when you type in the venue name, you may get a list of suitable address to select from.

If your venue is not listed – please add just one event and I will add the address to the system and send you an email as soon as it is ready (usually a day or two later). You can then return to the calendar and add the rest of the events you want to submit.

Not only does that save you the effort of typing in the address each time – but we can also then embed the location map directly into the event listing, which makes it easier for the potential users to find your venue.

Recurring events

Although the main focus of the calendar is for one-off or rare events, I do want to list events which repeat regularly, such as historic walks or open-days. Note though, that events which repeat twice a month (or more) will be classed as recurring.

Contact details

The system requires an email address — but it isn’t displayed.

It is wise (but not mandatory) to have a relevant webpage to point people to for more information as I find that offers more surety that the event is going ahead as expected and check for any last minute changes. Basically, some sort of contact detail tends to reassure people and increases attendance.

Editing an existing event

At the moment, I am sorry but editing an event is not possible – but send me an email ([email protected]) and I will make the required changes for you


At the moment, I am controlling how I categorise the events. This will probably change in the future, but not just yet.

More Questions?

Send me an email – [email protected]