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Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted in Germany

It would seem that God is German

CCTV’s cause UK’s Obesity epidemic

Consider two seemingly unrelated issues: A combination of CCTVs, biometrics, databases and tracking technologies has resulted in Britain becoming the most spied on nation in the world, according to a government privacy watchdog. and…. British health officials claim obesity

WWII archive photos go online

More than five million aerial photographs of World War II are to be made publicly available on the internet. The pictures will go online on Monday. Taken by the RAF, they were used by Allied commanders to help devise their

A “silent” passenger plane

A radically redesigned passenger jet could alleviate a major complaint of people who live near major airports–the deafening sound of planes taking off and landing. A team of 40 researchers from Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology spent

Website Explains How To Make A Nuclear Bomb

The US government posted on the Internet Iraqi documents that explain how to build a nuclear bomb, the New York Times reported on its website. The Times said that officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency had complained to US


It’s two years to the day since I collapsed outside the office and ended up being carted off to hospital in an Ambulance. And the start of several months of serious ickyness – although in hindsight, I had been ill

It is now officially “Christmas”

The local starfucks is packed full of xmasy stuff and they have dragged out the red paper festive cups. I now declare it is officially Christmas.

Witches are not grisly old hags…

…says, a grisly old hag. Laurie Cabot is a proud witch, and she’s fighting for her civil rights. In between psychic readings and running a shop that sells everything a witch needs to get started, Cabot is mailing letters to

Speeding up websites

Found (via Digg) this very interesting article about how to optimise the delivery of webpages, written by a Google Geek. I am familiar with most of them at a superficial level, having a while ago, read an equivalent article

Engrossing magazine = missed train stop

Each morning on the way to work, I read The Economist. This week they have a special about France, and I am afraid to say that I got rather stuck into it. So I managed to miss my underground change

The clocks go back

…or at least they do at home. I come into the office to work, and presume that the clocks on our phone system display would also be correct. I don’t pro-actively make that presumption (as I would have tested this

I think I just fell in love

One day, I will own something like this… This wave-piercing luxury trimaran may look like something from a Star Trek movie, but it’s no fantasy. In this case, a 148-meter hull has its advantages, with split-level luxury staterooms providing room