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When a weblink is not a weblink

This could be a difficult one to test, but it would be interesting to know the answer to. Lots of publications etc. link to my various websites, and in Google – if you type in the site name, then my

The iPod Generation?

Interesting birthmark – gives a new meaning to the phrase “The iPod Generation”.[email protected]/144300100/

SSL Certificates – update

Following on from the posting I wrote last week about whether SSL Certificates can affect how spam filters affect your marketing emails… Threadwatch had an interesting comment that wondered if the presence of an SSL certificate could impact on search

Bath, Bristol and Concorde

Finally got round to uploading a load of photos from last weekend’s little jaunt down to Bath and Bristol. Clikie on the “photo gallery” link on the sidebar to see them. It was a nice little weekend break, half a

Email reputation and SSL Certificates

Had an interesting observation this morning. Checking the blog at ReturnPath, who advise companies on how to ensure their emails get delivered and not blocked as spam, and they have launched a free email reputation monitoring website – Senderscore. Not

Has the Royal Mail taken over the USA Embassy

It seems so according to Google Maps. If you do a search, the sidebar address is indeed, correct – however, the marker on the website is not lurking over Grosvenor Square, but planted firmly on top of the Royal Mail

US Visa

So, today I went to apply for a Visa to visit the USA. Despite holding a full UK passport, I am deemed SO dangerous that I have to make a special application for a full Visa. It’s quite amazing to

Multi-multi-multi tasking

I read quite often in the many marketing industry emails I get each day that the modern person generally multi-tasks in the evenings, tending to have the TV on in the corner, while browsing the web, chatting on IM –

Petition to ban strike on London Underground

If you approve – sign this petiton 

Will we face an advertising backlash?

Everywhere I look, I am reading about how advertising is going to save the world. In the past week, Google talked about how adverts can fund mobile phone charges, Vodafone announed an advertising subsidised service and a virtual network operator

At last – a sensible use for The Bible

Tired of all that sanctimonious crap inside The Bible ? Replace it with something vastly more interesting instead then…. Via The Green Head The Good Book Flask is the ultimate place to stash your booze. On the outside, it appears

Antique Maps on Google Earth

This is rather spiffy. Google has “officially” added some antique map layers to Google Earth so you can compare todays sat photos with maps of places from a hundred or so years ago. To use this, expand the Featured Content