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The Hole in The Wall The Hole in The Wall

Near Hyde Park, many years ago I found this rather charming local feature – and recently, I finally remembered to take a camera and photograph it. I originally found it when doing one of my random wanderings around, where I

It takes a month to remove me from a mailing list?

As I prepare to leave my current employer, one of my tasks is to start closing down all the various newsletters I subscribed to as part of my work. So, I dutifully click on the unsubscribe links on the emails.

Ribblehead Viaduct

I am advised that the famous Ribblehead Viaduct will be closed on the 22nd July, and it “may” be possible to walk across it. An odd mix of train anoraks and architecture fans – on that day, there will be

Are we running out of space on the internet

An article on Forbes this morning argues that thanks to underinvestment in brown fibre and regulatory concerns in the USA – the world could run out of capacity on the main backbones powering the internet by the end of this

Going Underneath the Albert Memorial Going Underneath the Albert Memorial

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting a structure that most people don’t even know exists – despite part of it being quite famous. The bit most people will have seen, is the famous Albert Memorial in London’s Hyde

SPF records and zombie PC’s

I was reading yet another comentary about spam problems this morning and, as usual, mulling the issues it raised. I had an idea, which I haven’t really given a vast amount of thought to – so it may be pants,

Right click – then right click again

OK, I am sure everyone knows this already, but it was news to me. When working, I am often right-clicking, scrolling to a menu option then left clicking to activate the option highlighted. I just noticed that I can right-click

A simple and cheap way to wipe out the Heroin trade

Afghanistan is variously reported to be responsible for between 80% and 90% of the global opium production – leading to heroin supplies. The usual method for dealing with this is draconian laws and a small fortune spent on enforcing those

No coffee

I have been banned from drinking coffee for 2 days after I had my teeth cleaned. I am not sure how I will cope. I am also banned from red wine and curry. I might just end my life frankly.

Attacking an email database

What I am writing about is theoretical only – it would be illegal in the UK (computer misuse act 1990) and probably illegal in most countries. I have tested this by simulating unsubscribes to my own newsletters, or accounts with

‘Paid-for’ email set to launch in the UK

It looks like the Goodmail accreditation system is coming to the UK next year. Goodmail charges senders a fee for each email, in return for bypassing spam filters and enabling images in the emails. Precision Marketing Magazine It was actually

Oddities over at Google News

It looks like someone is playing with the pipes again, and much oddness is happening over at Google News. My website is reguarly listed there, so reguarly indeed that I often do the following search to check which of my