London’s Alleys: Richardson’s Mews, W1

Just around the corner from posh Fitzroy Square can be found this almost as posh quiet mews. A small gap in the rows of shops and houses with the BT Tower dominating the background.

Transport for London agrees £1.6 billion government bailout

Transport for London (TfL) has secured £1.6 billion in emergency funding from the government, but has to make a lot of changes to its operations in exchange for the bailout.

London’s Alleys: Andrews Crosse, WC2

This rather unimpressive dead end alley is a legacy of ancient times, from when Andrewes Crosse Inn stood on the site, and this alley is likely to have been the courtyard that stood within the inn’s grounds.

Museums by Appointment – The Honourable Artillery Company

Inside the grand and ancient headquarters of an arm of the Territorial Army is a small, but densely packed museum of military memorabilia.

Museums by appointment: The London Roman Wall and Bastion

In a basement underneath Merrill Lynch’s London office can be found an exceptionally well preserved section of Roman Wall, and a Medieval Bastion, and they’re both free to visit.

Museums by Appointment – The Memorial Scrolls Trust

There’s a museum on a private road, behind a locked door and up several floors, that’s a remarkable survivor of Nazi and Communist oppression in Eastern Europe.

You wont be sleepy after a visit to the Anaesthesia Museum

Students getting high on ether parties and drowned people being revived with tobacco enemas are aspects of the history of anesthetic that the Anaesthesia Museum prefers to gloss over.

An underground museum of military history

There’s a basement behind a gated entrance in plain sight but hidden from view in central London which conceals a surprisingly large museum.

The “Testing Museum” tests opening on Saturdays

One of London’s smaller industrial heritage museums is usually open just one Sunday per month, but is about to start opening on Saturdays as well.

London’s fire brigade museum to get a new home

The already difficult to visit Fire Brigade Museum is about to become easier to visit, as it is closing for several years. Yes, that actually makes it easier to visit.

Just two more dates to visit the Kirkaldy Testing Museum

A small rarely opened museum filled with a huge Victorian testing machine has secured a 2 month extension on its lease offering potentially just a few more chances to visit.

A look around the Vestry House Museum

Built in 1730 as a workhouse for the poor, and situated in a secluded side street sits what is today the Vestry House Museum. Workhouses were forced labour venues for the poor at a time when the Christian admonition above

Museums by Appointment – The British Airways Heritage Collection

Part of an occasional series where I visit museums that are open to the public, but only if you have contacted them first and arranged a time to visit. Museums by Appointment. — The British Airways Heritage Collection is based

Attempts to close the London Fire Brigade Museum

A few days ago I was approached on Twitter to sign a petition protesting against plans to close the London Fire Brigade Museum. I demurred from the request mainly as the petition presented no independent evidence that such a plan

Bloggers Triumphant at the Hunterian Museum

Last night a small gang of London Bloggers strutted their stuff at the wondrous Hunterian Museum after winning its inaugural Museums at Night quiz. Themed around Lost London, the topic of their current exhibition, the quiz was organised by [email protected]

A museum for the Emergency Services?

Reading this morning that the hanger sized grey monolith that will become the media centre for the Olympic games in 2012 faces an uncertain future got me pondering an idea I had some time ago. On my visit to the

All the Kings men: Henry VIII and the Barber Surgeons

I am advised, by such persons who advise me of these things, that a chance to look at a rarely seen painting is on offer this month. I won’t pretend that I am the most cultured sort when it comes

Visiting the London Fire Brigade Museum

Earlier this afternoon, I wandered over to Southwark for a genuinely rare treat – a general open day at the London Fire Brigade Museum. By coincidence, just as I arrived, I spied Caroline of Caroline’s Miscellany coming out, so it