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Sharks in the Regents Canal at Haggerston

There may be sharks in the Regents Canal near Haggerston — later this year, and it’s art.

London’s Alleys: Wilks Place, N1

This is a tiny stump of a lane that was once much longer, and vastly busier, for on it was the entrance to a Victorian music hall. Wilks Place first seems to appear on a John Rocque map of 1746,

London museums open over Christmas

Lots of museums are open over the Christmas period, but with opening hours as erratic as Aunt Norra on her 3rd sherry of the day – so here is a list of known opening hours.

Skeletons found inside the Tower of London

Archeologists carrying out an excavation inside the Tower of London have uncovered the body of two skeletons, of an adult female and a young child.

Westminster tube station turned into a jungle

Only for a two days, and it was an advertising takeover stunt, but Westminster tube station temporarily became Westminster Jungle station.

Beatles themed manhole cover for Abbey Road

To mark the 50th anniversary of that famous record cover, a manhole cover next to the zebra crossing has been revamped with an image of the event.

The Regents Canal totem poles at Kingsland Road

If you go past a bridge over the Regents Canal on the Kingsland Road you might have noticed a series of odd-looking totem poles.

Rowland Emett’s fantastical railway saved for the nation

An eccentric railway sculpture by Rowland Emett has been saved for the nation and will be heading to the National Railway Museum in York.

War of the Worlds comes to the London Underground

The London Underground is set to make a staring role in the latest attempt to turn H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds into a TV series.

Saving the UK’s last working semaphore tower – in South-West London

Just on the edge of London lies an architectural and military marvel — a relic of the time Britain feared invasion by France.

See the memorial bust to Sir Simon Milton

This is the Tiger of Sweden. Well, actually, the shop is called that, the man with the wing above is a former politician who used to live above the shop.

London’s Pocket Parks: Wellington Park, SE18

Inside the grounds of the once secretive military arsenal at Woolwich can be found a formal gardens of a park named after the Duke of Wellington.