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Unbuilt London: A 500 Foot Tall Monument to the Battle of Britain

A massive pyramid, topped with a pillar, and then some more -- not the Post Office Tower, but a monument to the Battle of Britain.

Unbuilt London: Straightening the River Thames

The River Thames is a rather curvy beast, especially around the Isle of Dogs, but had a plan in 1796 been carried out, it would be considerably straighter.

Unbuilt London: Britannia Triumphant upon Greenwich Hill

Greenwich could today be less famous for its observatory and meridian, than for a gigantic statue which would have dominated the area.

Unbuilt London: Replacing buses with a monorail network

In 1967, the Conservative Party published a document calling for the scrapping of buses in central London - and replacing them with a huge Monorail network.

Unbuilt London: The 1,000 foot tall Golden Tower

In 1832, Parliament passed the Great Reform Act, and London's skyline was nearly as radically reformed, with a 1,000 feet tall gold plated column to commemorate the occasion.

Unbuilt London: The King’s Cross Airport

When planes were small and buildings expected to be large, putting an airport right in the center of a city was seen as a very sensible idea. And thus it was that in 1931, an architect showed off one of

Unbuilt London: The Iron Bridge

Just over 200 years ago, plans were shown off to replace the venerable London Bridge with a massive single span iron bridge.

Unbuilt London: Stepney’s Massive Clock Tower

Nearly a hundred years ago, plans were shown of for a mighty civic new building for the east-end of London that would have dominated the skyline for miles around.

Unbuilt London: A giant pyramid on Trafalgar Square

200 years ago, a plan was announced to plonk a giant pyramid in the centre of London, for no purpose other than to cock a snoot at the French.

Unbuilt London: The Isle of Dogs Airport

In the post-war period when London had a surplus of rubble and empty spaces, an airport was planned in the docklands area with SIX runways.