Transport Issues

Transport Issues

Michael Portillo rides on the Post Office Railway

A heads up about a couple of TV shows that may be worth watching later this week. Travelling around Great Britain by train, former politician, Michael Portillo uses a copy of Victorian cartographer George Bradshaw’s Railway Companion to compare and

Watch some steam trains in London on Saturday

It’s the last of the big steam train runs though London tomorrow (Saturday) with two trains at lunchtime, one at an uncomfortably early hour in the morning, and all three returning in the late afternoon/evening. First up is the Christmas

Updated photos of the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Although I did once go down underground into the station, here are a few photos I took over the weekend of the visible part of the building works, with reasonably close comparisons with previous photos I took. Difficult to get

First Pylon for Boris’s Cable Car Installed

When finally completed, the most striking aspect of Boris’s latest folly/innovative public transport service (delete depending on political preference) will be the three tall pylons that carry the cables over the Thames. Although work on the two ground based stations

Four chances to watch steam trains in London today

Four chances to watch steam trains running around London today – one leaving at lunchtime and three returning this evening. Firstly, there is the VSOE Luncheon Excursion leaving Victoria Station at 12:30 and running via Clapham Junction (12:40), Barnes (12:47),

Watch a steam train in West and North London at Lunchtime

A steam locomotive will be running a charter trip into London this lunchtime and will come in from the South-West, and run in a loop around North London down to Euston Station. Although steam trains do tend to run from

London Underground Moquette at Canary Wharf

The main shopping centre at Canary Wharf is doing something exceptionally rare this weekend – they are admitting that men like to buy clothes. Throughout the year, the place puts on lots of shopping events for the ladies, but the

The Crystal Palace Subway Tunnel

I was interested to read this morning of a campaign to reopen a long disused tunnel at Crystal Palace that I have long wanted to poke rather more than just a nose inside for a look at. It’s actually a

A 3D model of Bank Tube Station – and a look at the upgrade plans

If planning permission is granted, then six years of building and tunnelling works will start at Bank tube station from 2015 to fix the notorious bottleneck at the Northern Line. To explain this mammoth task, TfL announced earlier this week

The underground railway in North Korea

About 7 years ago I was finishing a long stint of very hard work, and feeling weary, decided to book a holiday… to North Korea. Because that is the sort of holiday I like to take. Tourists are not routinely

More details of London Underground’s 150th Anniversary Events

You may recall that the Transport Museum has secured a grant to restore an old carriage in time for the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, which takes place in 2013. A few more details have been released by London

Changes Announced to London’s only Parliamentary Train Service

Regular readers may recall my rather fun little trip earlier this year on the Parliamentary Train that is needed to keep a bit of little used railway track near Clapham Junction legally open. I mentioned at the time, that the

Fancy testing part of a future Crossrail Station?

If you use the tube station at Victoria, then you already are! An area within one of the busiest parts of the already very busy Victoria station was changed a couple of months ago to test some sample materials that

100th Anniversary of the Escalator on London Underground

Tomorrow (Tue 4th Oct) marks 100 years since the first moving staircase was demonstrated on the London Underground, at Earl’s Court station to be specific. Not sure if TfL is planning to have a cake or other celebration though. There

A tour of the Crossrail tunnel portal at Royal Oak

In around 2018, when the first Crossrail passengers come into London from the West, they leave the existing overland railway near Royal Oak tube station and dip down into the tunnels that will run under the city. In order for

A mysterious structure in the Vaults under London Bridge train station

Regular users of London Bridge station will doubtless be aware that the mainline platforms are raised a couple of stories above the surrounding road, supported on massive brick arches. These arches are visible in the form of roads that run

Open House – West Ham Bus Garage

Opened at the tail end of 2008, the bus garage at West Ham claims to be the largest single bus depot in the UK – and as is increasingly common, one of the most environmentally friendly. The distinctive green roof

Win a Moquette covered chair

Thanks to a birthday gift voucher from my flatmate, I was in the Transport Museum’s shop the other day picking up some goodies, including a moquette design tea towel – which it turns out isn’t that effective in its tea