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Jubilee Line Upgrade finally going live next week

For those of us who live along the Jubilee Line area while have had a couple of years of delays and weekend closures as the line was upgraded to Automatic running – the core benefit being able to run trains

BBC Documentary about London Transport’s HQ Building

Been sent a note on Twitter that a documentary originally shown in 2009 about the design of London Transport’s famous Art Deco style headquarters building is back on the BBC’s iPlayer service. I have been inside for a tour during

The Beeches Light Railway – a private steam railway

You might be the sort of person who has been interested – very interested – in trains for as long as you can remember, so much so that in addition to working with heritage railways, you end up as the

The day I got to ride in the drivers cab on a heritage railway line

Over the weekend, the still under refurbishment Eping-Ongar Railway had an open day. Officially to celebrate the restoration of one of their train stations, which was far from finished, I overheard on chap comment that actually it was an attempt

Taking a Private Trip in London’s Parliamentary Train Service

A mysterious train runs between North and South London during the week, direct between two stations that shouldn’t be possible to travel between. Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon – and never at weekends. From Wandsworth Road

An Open Day at the Epping Ongar Railway

Something for transport geeks… The under-restoration Epping Ongar Railway in North-East London has announced that it will be having an open day for the public next month – specifically Sunday 3rd July – to visit the recently restored 1865 station

Future Battersea Tube Station Wont be Accessible to Disabled – Maybe

For the avoidance of doubt, this is a very tongue in cheek blog post. Another round – of many – consultations for the planned extension to the Northern Line to take it more South-West(ish) towards the derelict Battersea Power Station

Walking through an abandoned train tunnel under London’s Docks

Although most of the train tunnels being built in London for Crossrail will be brand new, one section of tunnel will in fact be already over 140 years old when the first Crossrail train passes through. Built under the docks

Chance to take a trip in a 1938 tube train

The venerable art-deco 1938 tube train will be out and about again later this month as part of the Rickmansworth Festival. One of the best preserved tube trains it is slightly reminiscent of a bygone age and has been wonderfully

Sitting in the driving seat on a DLR train

One of the great joys about the oversized roller-coaster that is the Docklands Light Railway has long been the ability to sit right at the front of the train and “pretend” to be the train driver, or more maturely to

Special tube train tour next month on the Underground

Quite exciting, in a tube geek sort of way, for next month one of the last 1967 era Victoria Line trains will take a special trip around the tube network to mark the end of those trains in service. You

Video of a Steam Train passing the Olympic Stadium

…or not as it happens. On Saturday morning, I headed over towards Stratford to catch a steam train passing through the area, and hopefully to get some photos or video of the train with the Olympic Stadium in the background.

Photos of the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf

After the visit to the mock-up of a tunnelled Crossrail station the other week, I thought I would have a closer look at the huge cavern that is the future Crossrail station in Canary Wharf. Built inside an old dock,

The “fake Crossrail tube station” hidden in a rural warehouse

A few months ago I stood in the Building Centre and looked at a tiny model of a Crossrail station with tiny model people inside. Yesterday I stood inside a model of a Crossrail station. No, I haven’t been shrunk

Catch the last ever trip on c2c’s Blue Train

c2c, the strangely named train line that runs out of the tiny Fenchurch Street train station towards Southend-on-Sea is having a special event on the 5th March. It will mark the very last day a train will run on their