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25 Years Ago

London Transport during the Blitz

A short blog post about this quite interesting propaganda film made just as the Blitz was starting, and how doughty Londoners carried on regardless. “Filmed after the start of the Blitz, ‘City Bound’ is an exploration of the daily commute

A look around the Victoria Station upgrade works

(Updated – with some better 3d images of the station development courtesy of the Victoria Station Upgrade Project) Anyone using Victoria Station at the moment can’t have failed to notice that rather a lot of building work is going on,

Unbuilt London: Victorian plans to encircle London with a Crystalline Railway

Bend your imagination to thoughts of the grandest of grand Victorian visions, and encircle the centre of our Metropolis with a vast crystal snake.

Unbuilt London: The City Terminus Railway

Mr Charles Pearson was a City Solicitor, and politician of great ambition for London's railways, but sadly for him at least, very little direct success.

Take a trip on a miniature steam railway near Heathrow

Slightly to the north of Heathrow Airport can be found a memory to an older form of transport – a miniature steam railway. Set in an orchard within a residential area, the Harlington Locomotive Society has been offering rides on

A look around the Jubilee Line train depot at Stratford

In 1879, the Great Eastern Railway opened a new fruit and veg market at Stratford which gave its name to the local Stratford Market train station. Connected to the local railway, it had 12 sidings to service the market. In

Unbuilt London: Victorian Railway Stations that Tried to Span the Thames

Blackfriars railway station has recently become the first station to span right across the River Thames, with entrances on both sides of the river – but it wasn’t the first time that someone tried to put a railway bridge across

The final day of the 50-year old Met Line trains

Yesterday, the last of the 50-year old Metropolitan Line trains made its final public trips along the railways, and like an awful lot of people, I took a short trip to say farewell to the old timer. I was going

The last chance to ride in the old Metropolitan Line trains

Tomorrow (Wed 26th Sept) will be your very last chance to take a trip in one of the old Metropolitan Line trains running along the main part of the network as a member of the public. There is a farewell

British Railway’s Art-Deco Style Electrical Control Room

At the height of the art-deco movement, Southern Railways lead the UK in the move from steam trains to electric, and naturally needed some control rooms to manage the electricity supply. So they built a bunker just outside Woking, which

A look inside Crossrail’s construction site at Stepney

Apart from some big holes in the ground for future train stations, Crossrail also needs to dig a number of access shafts along the length of the future tunnels – and one of the largest of them can be found

A “Grand Tour” to say goodbye to London Underground’s oldest trains

To mark the end of the 50 year service of the old Metropolitan Line trains, a grand tour has been arranged to give them a bit of a send-off before the last of them depart to the scrapyard. It’s probably

A trip in Heathrow’s driverless transit system

Due to the tendency for planes to want to land at them, airports have one very distinguishing feature. Not the runways and radar – but the lack of tall buildings. As a result they can often swallow up vast amounts

Vintage tube train to run on the Underground next month

The Transport Museum’s two working vintage trains are to be out on the network next month and will be offering rides between Harrow-on-the-Hill and Amersham, along with the Museum’s iconic Routemaster RM1, making journeys between Amersham town centre and train