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Punch on the London Underground

Just a few cartoons that I recently acquired about the London Underground that were published in Punch Magazine at the start of the last century. Apart from the jokes, which may or may not work a hundred years after they

Another date announced for the Cable Car’s “cable stringing event”

After several delays, it looks like this coming weekend will finally see the ropes strung between the Cable Car pylons. They were supposed to happen each of the past three weeks, and the Port of London Authority were putting out

Another upgrade for the Jubilee Line completed

Monday should see the final stage of the long running signalling upgrade on the Jubilee Line come to completion, as the line starts running close to its theoretical peak rate. Last August, the network upgraded from running 24 trains per

Photos from inside the Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf

It may not look it from the outside, but an important part of Crossrail’s Canary Wharf station has already been completed – and five months ahead of schedule. In fact it doesn’t really look completed when you have a look

Tax changes for the Cable Car ticket prices

Update: a message from TfL tells me that the cable cars are rated for 10 people so the tax change doesn’t actually affect them. Must admit, having sat in one, I can only presume that’s 10 thin people, but that’s

The dead bodies service from King’s Cross railway station

Although the necropolis railway at Waterloo Station running out to Surrey is quite well known, its northern counterpart is seemingly largely forgotten...

A look at the original Kings Cross station – at Maiden Lane

Just under 150 160 years ago the Great Northern Railway proudly opened its London terminus railway station at Kings Cross. However, it wasn’t the first attempt by the railway company at building a terminus station in London, and was a

Photos behind the hoardings of the new Kings Cross station

Over the past few years, Kings Cross has undergone a double process of rebuilding as its 150 year old main platforms had the tired old plastic windows replaced and the paintwork tarted up. However, over on the western side, a

More Photos of the Cable Car Construction

Over the past weekend, the river by North Greenwich was due to be closed to allow the cables to be strung between the tall pylons. This did not happen – and I wandered over to see why. Some test wires

How TfL is planning for the Olympics traffic deluge

Later this summer, the transport will/wont be thrown into chaos as unlimited hordes of people visit the city during the Olympics, and it is interesting to ponder how we will all cope with the dramatic changes. There has been a

Boris Bike Expansion – maps released at last

With less than a week to go before the Cycle Hire Scheme finally gets the switch on in Tower Hamlets, I am still waiting for a definitive map of where the cycle hire docking stations will be located. The map

Cable Car Rising

Just a few photos taken on Sunday as the Pylon for the Cable Cars continues to rise upwards. The south side pylon had a lot of activity around it, suggesting that they are preparing the concrete base for the first

Emergency services to simulate a terrorist attack on the tube network

Whenever the debate about why various disused tube stations — specifically Aldwych — can’t be opened to the public more often, it is usually pointed out that the best of them — specifically Aldwych — are still in use for

Photos – Blackfriars tube station reopens

Several months late, or a week early, depending on how you look at it, Blackfriars tube station unexpectedly opened to the public this morning. Closed in March 2009, it was supposed to open in late 2011, then a press release

Green Park tube station to get groundwater cooling system

I thought work on this had been paused as part of the Great Olympic Engineering Shutdown, but a note from TfL earlier today says that a rather interesting air cooling system will be introduced at Green Park station this summer.

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