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New Heathrow airport rail link gets public support

A consultation on a new rail link from the West into Heathrow airport has, unsurprisingly, gained support from the respondents.

West Hampstead Overground station’s new footbridge

A new footbridge has been opened at West Hampstead Overground station as a late running upgrade slowly progresses.

London’s weekly railway news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Night Overground to call at Whitechapel from tonight

Ever since the Night Overground service launched last year, it has skipped Whitechapel station - but not from tonight.

Higher fares as London Underground’s cash crunch bites

Transport for London (TfL) is predicting that fares will have to rise as it faces a £2.1 billion hole in its revenues projections for the next five years.

DLR needs to expand its Beckton train depot for new trains

The Docklands Light Railway is seeking permission to expand it's Beckton depot ahead of the arrival of a fleet of new trains due in a few years time.

Crossrail might not open until 2020 and costs are up by £2 billion

A lot more money, a lot more time, and a lot more heated arguments have been released to get Crossrail working.

Today isn’t the day that the Elizabeth line opens

Today should have been the day that the Crossrail project triumphantly handed over to the Elizabeth line.

London Underground releases a new tube map

A new tube map has started appearing in London Underground stations, and there's a lot of changes to this edition.

There will be a heritage bus service in London on Christmas Day

On the day when tubes, trains, buses and even cable cars go to sleep, there will one bus company offering a very special Christmas Day service.