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Gun Salutes in London during 2018

Ceremonial military guns go bang bang several times each year in London, at the Tower of London and in the Royal Parks.

Time to book tickets for Royal Ceremonies

Early each year is the time to plan ahead to attend some of the UK's grand pomp and ceremony events for the summer ahead.

Tickets Alert – U-Bahn tunnel tour tickets released soon

Not in London (wails!), but in Berlin -- where they run a small number of special open-top tours through their underground train tunnels.

Take a trip on the last coal fired twin engine steam tug

Based in London's docklands is the Portwey, thought to be the UK's last remaining twin engine steam tug still powered by coal.

Watch sci-fi movies underneath a flying whale

The Natural History Museum has announced a season of science fiction movies, to be shown in their great hall underneath the skeleton of a flying whale.

Booking opens to visit the Temple of Mithras

In a couple of weeks time, London's newest museum opens to the public, and booking for entry has opened today.

See the pirate Chocolate Express bus

Back in the days before buses came in every color called red, London had pirate buses that were coloured chocolate.

Tickets Alert: Chance to walk along a railway track

Normally, walking along a railway track that carries trains is a very bad idea -- but one day next month, a full 11 miles of railway will be opened up for the public to walk along.

Attend the ancient Ceremony of the Keys in the Tower of London

Every night, long after the tourists have been kicked out an ancient ceremony is performed in private inside the Tower of London - the Ceremony of the Keys.

Tickets Alert: Hear Handel’s Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral

An annual tradition is being continued this Christmas, with an uplifting rendition of Handel’s Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral.