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Tickets Alert: Spencer House’s gardens open days

For a few days this summer, the restored gardens of Spencer House in central London will be open to the public.

Tickets Alert: Tours of the Art-Deco Gala Bingo Club, Tooting

A former cinema turned bingo hall in Tooting is remarkable for its exceptional interior, and next month there will be a chance to go on a tour of the building.

History tours of London Zoo now available

A site that is famous as much for its architecture as the animals within, London Zoo is now offering history tours of the site.

Free entry to the Postal Museum during May

The Postal Museum is marking the bicentenary of the birth of Queen Victoria by offering free entry to the museum -- if your name is Victoria.

Tickets Alert: Tours of the historic Trinity House

A fairly grand building of the city livery companies style, and while public tours used to be very rare, they are now a fairly regular affair.

Tickets Alert: Late nights at London Zoo

Tickets for this tend to sell out fairly quickly, so if you fancy one of four evenings at London Zoo, then you need to book now.

Tickets Alert: Tutankhamun tickets on sale soon

The exhibition opening later this year will show off 150 original artifacts from Tutankhamun’s tomb, with 60 on their first journey outside Egypt.

Tickets Alert: Ride the last ever passenger Intercity125 out of Paddington

Next month, the last ever passenger service HST will leave Paddington, and you can be on board.

How to get tickets for the 2019 Last Night of the Proms

Prom season is starting again and it’s already time to dust off the envelope and postage stamp in order to apply for tickets to attend the Last Night of the Proms.

Tickets Alert: Climb to the top of the Tower in Windsor Castle

For just a few weeks of each year, it’s possible to climb to the top of the ancient Round Tower inside Windsor Castle, with views that reach right across London.

Tickets Alert: Take Sheep across London Bridge

This September, Freemen and Women of the City of London will be able to exercise their ancient right to take sheep across London Bridge

Tickets Alert: Annual opening of Frogmore House and Garden

Just outside London sits Windsor Castle, and within its grounds is Frogmore House, and its impressive gardens, which are only open to the public on a few days of each year.

Tickets Alert: A week of science in pubs is back

The annual Pint of Science festival is back once more, putting lots of science inside pubs and letting people learn over a pint. The event, now in its sixth year takes place in the second half of May. Tickets cost

Tickets Alert: Tours of Eton College

The rarified airs of Eton College are opening their doors to the mere ordinary folk this summer for a series of tours.

Tickets Alert: Watch horror films in an old Masonic temple

An original Masonic Temple that dates back to 1912 is the setting for a series of horror film screenings over the next few months.