Ticket Alert

Tickets Alert: Train trip into the Jubilee line’s overrun tunnels

There’s a chance next month to visit a part of the Jubilee line rarely seen – the overrun tunnels that run beyond Charing Cross station towards Aldwych.

Tickets Alert: David Parr House open days for 2020

Tickets to see inside a remarkable home that had been richly decorated in the gothic revival style, and little changed ever since have been released.

London’s bonfire night firework displays 2019

It’s time to start plotting how we shall remember the downfall of a papist plot, and watch the skies over London explode with fireworks.

Tickets Alert: Behind the scenes at Tower Bridge

This winter there’s a chance to go deep inside Tower Bridge to see the mechanisms that make it work and the huge bascule chambers that sits below river level.

Tickets Alert: Tours of the Boar’s Head Playhouse archaeological excavation

The remains of a Shakespearean-era playhouse in Whitechapel, the Boar’s Head is starting to be uncovered, and this weekend is a chance to have a look.

Tickets Alert: Chance to go inside the King’s Observatory

The King’s Observatory, a Palladian-style building commissioned by King George III as an observatory for the transit of Venus is going to open its doors for a rare chance to see inside.

Tickets Alert: Somerset House to allow ice skating at 3am

If going ice skating at 3am sounds like the sort of crazy idea that appeals, then read on.

Tickets Alert: Have a Nightmare before Christmas

Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas comes back to the big screen this autumn, between Halloween and Christmas itself.

Ticket Alert: Tours of Canada House

The Canadian High Commission occupies a newly-renovated grand building overlooking Trafalgar Square, and is not generally open to the public to wander in.

Tickets Alert: New Years Eve fireworks

The first release of tickets for London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks will go on sale at midday on Friday 27 September.

Tickets Alert: Doctor Who screening – The Curse of Fenric

There will be a special anniversary screening of seventh Doctor’s penultimate story, with Sophie Aldred and script editor Andrew Cartmel.

Are you a married couple worthy of a flitch of bacon?

An ancient trial will soon take place in Dunmow, and if you can prove to the court to be a happily married couple, then the court will award you an entire flitch of bacon.

Tickets Alert: A guide to London Transport’s moquette patterns

The author of a new book about London Transport’s famous moquette fabrics for its seats will be giving a talk in October about the same topic.

Tickets Alert: Vampyr in an old operating theatre

Climb the narrow stairs up a church to a hidden medical operating theatre from Victorian times, to watch a horror movie from the 1930s.

Tickets Alert: Silent era railway films with live musical accompaniment

Fancy watching a load of old railway films, accompanies by the music of a classic Wurlitzer organ blasting out some live music?

Tickets Alert: Food festival inside the Tower of London moat

For a few days, there will be a food festival and it’ll be inside the Tower of London’s moat.

Tickets Alert: Monty Python season coming to the BFI Southbank

Celebrate half a century of absurdity, songs, jokes and genius, from Britain’s best-loved comedic sextet.

Tickets Alert: The Dark Crystal exhibition

There’s an exhibition for a couple of weeks at the BFI Southbank all about the new Dark Crystal prequel TV series.